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The Iron Pit - Opening March 1st - Apex NC


A small private 1200 sq ft - hardcore/warehouse powerlifting gym will be opening March 1st in Apex NC. This gym will be for hardcore strength athlete's and will have the following equipment: 2 Power Cages with upper/lower band pegs, 3500 lbs of free weight, dumbells up to 120 lbs (for now), Tredsled for sprinting, Plyo boxes (also for box squats), specialty bars (fat bar, safety squat bar, football bar, texas power bars, etc), 2 Glute Ham's, Bands & Chains, Chalk Bowl, all hard rubber flooring, strong man stuff - Prowler, pulling sleds, farmer walks, sand bags, etc - for parking lot. You will find the strongest athlete's in the triangle training here to include - NFL current & former players, top College players & top HS prospects. We will also be creating an Iron Pit Powerlifting team. Call 919-601-0059 if interested.


Sounds cool. Where in Apex?


Sounds like a great gym... when I visit NC ill have to check it out.


It will be right off of RT 64 in Apex. 910 Windy RD.


Sounds cool man. If you have a little extra cash in your budget you could definately get some more lifters in there if you were to buy a monolift.

I'm diggin the treadsled that sounds awesome