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The Iron Pit NOW OPEN in APEX NC


The only Hardcore Gym in the Raleigh NC area is now open. Go to ironpitgym.com to see more.


If they had a monolift I would join during the school year for sure... Till then probably not. Looks like an awesome place though.


Also, the only training under a strength coach in groups of 4 thing throws me off. How many guys are squatting over 800 there? Do you know how they train there? I see the programs but I am not sure how they vary each.


It just seems like its group coaching, not one on one. That may be 4 people all scheduled to train at 3pm, or that for every 4 people training at one time, there would be 1 coach to supervise/coach.


Yeah, the issue is my programs are working pretty well despite lack of consistent partners at the moment.

In the last 14 weeks over 80lbs on my deadlift, about 40 on my bench, and since last september I have put 105lbs on my raw squat.

I would like to keep making my own adjustments as far as programming goes, not really having a coach do it. No offense to any of the coaches at iron pit.