The International Rules of Manhood

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helga wrote:

I have a sister which is probably why I agree with #5.

i have a sister, i dont agree…

i put an “off limits” only at friends’ sisters… a friend is a man i know since early 90’s…


So, guys you just met can hook up with your sister all they want to, but guys who you trust and know everything about, those are the ones you don’t want with your sister? I think that says a lot of negative shit about your friends more than anything.

When using a restroom, always maintain a one urinal buffer. Never make eye contact.

I would never make time to watch ice skating, but if it was on and the chicks were hot (like they usually are), I have no problem watching them air out their panties while skimming along on ice? Granted, I can do without the Nancy-boy that is usually along for the ride.

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Ha, I’m “dating” my best friends sister.

He dont know, but he kinda does. She dont want to tell him. So I pretend with a funny look on my face. He has worse problems than me having sex with his sister.

I dont see what the problem is.

I got two sisters. I dont care who sex with them. They are big girls. They can F my buddies if they want.

Anyone here want to have at em?

I dont care.

I think they are pretty wild, like me.
Nice of you to offer. Despite butchered grammar, I completely agree.

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El_Animal wrote:

22: Never talk to a man in a bathroom unless you are on equal footing: i.e., both urinating, both waiting in line, etc. For all other situations, an almost imperceptible nod is all the conversation you need.

It’s only acceptable to talk with a dude while taking a leak if one, or both of you are drunk. If both are sober, then only nod.


exception: If the conversation was going before entering the bathroom.

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Professor X wrote:
Or black.

Why’s it always gotta be black with you? ;)[/quote]

Always bet on black.

I have a sister and would seriously be pissed off if some one violated number 5.

Grow up.

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“17: A man in the company of a hot, suggestively dressed woman must remain sober enough to fight.”

Damn right…I had to glare/stare at 3-6 guys that night. Shit, even the movie usher. Twice.


[quote]El_Animal wrote:
I have a sister and would seriously be pissed off if some one violated number 5.[/quote]

Is it ok to have sex with your friend’s mom?

I’ve never done it.

Just sisters: 3 so far, but Im always making new friends.

I didnt see it on the list.

I wouldn’t care if my mom boned my friend.

Is that wrong?

[quote]El_Animal wrote:
I have a sister and would seriously be pissed off if some one violated number 5.[/quote]

Even if your sister is 40 and/or ugly?

Male Gymnastics? Ugh, I rekon something like the youtube movie below is pretty bloody awesome. I’d call it ‘gymnastic like stuff’

This is awesome,especially if you just made that crap up.

I agree with #5,I have an older sister who is a dipshit.

My friends comment on how she looks and after they have feeling in their arm again we both know what they WON’T be doing.