The International Gym Tour

Have seen a few people on these forums have been to many gyms and “hot spots” to work out,
and obviously for the more experienced guys in this forum, with moving locations and travelling the world, many have been able to see many different gyms in different countries

The point of this thread is too list your favorite gyms you’ve ever been too, (for whatever reason that was), perhaps it had an awesome vibe, or it had a certain lifter who was training who you have admired or idolized

Also list a gym/s you’d like to train out of one day, and why…

Would be curious to see if anyone has ever overlapped paths and been to certain places that others may have been too

I’ll start off, my favorite gym is my local gym, called impact gym
Its huge, caters for all forms of lifting, the place is brimming with semi and full pro athletes and bodybuilders, Australia’s strongest man trains out of it and also hosts a bunch of professional sporting teams

Id love to train out of muscle beach just for the sheer fact of how famous it is

Hit it!

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In for gyms. Here in Aus there’s a limited selection but I’m jealous of the US where there’s many good gyms.

Doherty’s Gym Brunswick. Brunswick, VIC, Australia

It’s got everything for everyone from monolifts, specialty bars and calibrated plates, strongman stuff to boxing stuff and rings. Posters of bodybuilders and shows all over the walls


Bev’s in NY, The East Coast Mecca. Tons of pros (from Dorian up to today) train offseason and pre-contest, practice posing, and do photo shoots.

Side note: It’s just about 20 minutes away from me, so if anyone gets over this way to check it out, lemme know and say hey.


Stu mentioned training over there not to long ago.


In no order…(of gyms I would like to visit)

Westside Gym
Elitefts compound

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Personally, I don’t really like to train when I travel. I like to pack light, and usually use travel as deload anyway.

But this is my gym, and def the best gym I’ve trained at with an awesome community

Yep, it’s pretty much the go-to for any meetups, usually followed by a trip to a nearby sushi buffet.

Gyms to check out in Houston:

Dubs Barbell Club (went to an Ed Coan seminar here and the owner was awesome… good equipment)
BONA (good strongman equipment available)
Texas Barbell Syndicate (super nice owners… worth checking out)

Gyms to visit in Florida:
Pookie’s Powerhouse and Barbell Club (once we open)- I have it on good authority that the owner is the coolest guy you’ll ever meet

Gyms I’d like to visit- pretty much @bulldog9899’s list.