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The Insanity of Rape


A mass rapist has been preying on women in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium for 15 years.
Over a thousand times has this super raper broken into homes, tried to fool ladies ("may I use your bathroom, please, I'm handicapped"), escaped enraged husbands and the glacial grip of justice.

Now that he's in custody, we see a broken man.
"His personality is not mature" concludes a psychatrist in his report. And: "His tears are real in my estimation". He recommends a psychiatric hospital.

So, as long as you break down appropriately, it's even better to confess more?
If you rape once, go to jail, perhaps; ten rapes, hello high security prison.
However, a thousand rapes and you can get off the hook as long as you work for a few years on your "narcissistic sex addiction"?!

German report:


I do belief that it will take a bit longer than a few years before this maniac is no longer a uber-rapist.


There should be a point where a criminal has done enough damage that if you do manage to catch them and put their rampage to an end that should be it, they don't get another chance. This is typical of Europe where they have extreme difficulty in accepting that some people are damaged beyond repair and there is a public interest in keeping these people locked up.

Of course the British are even worse. In Britain they are trying to release the serial killer known as the Yorkshire Ripper because he's all better now so it wouldn't be fair to keep him locked and not give another chance.

If you want to understand what is going on in Europe you should study up on the ideology of Hermann Goering and Cloward and Piven. http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/11/clowardpiven_government.html

"The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse."

The strategy is simple. You create a crisis that allows you to collapse the system so that you can them sweep it away and replace it with something else. Freeing dangerous lunatics is a great way to undermine the peoples trust in the legal system so that they will be much more willing to see it replaced with something that promises to restore order.


Like, perhaps, a lifetime or 58.


Any home secretary that let the Yorkshire Ripper out would be forced out by the media. And a lot of people. That's why he and Ian Brady, and a few others, will die in prison. Sutcliffe will never ever be released


It is the same in Germany and Austria-

While such people are not officially in prison, they will never again be free but in a mental institution.


Jesus christ that's a rape every 5.5 days or so. How the fuck is that even possible?


Bullet to the back of the head and he's cured.




It'll take me ten minutes and a roll of twine.


An honorable death? I figure more of hanging is in order.




At some point you have to accept that some people are unsavable and without a hope of rehabilitation. Either put them in some kind f work camp so that they are not a financial burden on the state and tax payers or, if that is not an option. Execute them.


People dropping common sense and being all tight-ass about the letter of the law causes situations such as these.

Or maybe...it could be ploy by the evil Euro-governments to precipitate the fall of capitalism.


People not having common sense causes women to get raped? I only see the loosest of connections here....don't think that's the culprit.


Schwarzfahrer, you failed to mention that the guy also managed to trick his victims in most cases to have sex with him or at least to provide some sort of relief by appealing to 'female compassion' (not trying to be sexist, here). Thus, he didn't actually rape all of his victims (at least not in the way one associates with the word 'rape').

Man, from a computer science standpoint that's really a brute force approach - what a crafty bastard!

I'm not trying to downplay his crimes, though. The guy actually did commit 'real rape', too. It's just hard to charge him with tricking a woman to have sex with him.

I'm wondering whether the women he fooled into having sex with him out of compassion actually complied out of compassion or primarily out of fear.

I also believe his being broken down, devastated and in tears to be real. Doesn't change the facts, though. Just goes to show that the guy is a danger to his fellow women (and men) and needs to be locked away.


Not at all. People not having common sense means we can't off this prick!


Oh ok. I guess I was just surprised to be agreeing with you 100% lol.


I knew some guys would resort to torture-bragging here. I know you're the toughtest :wink:

He led a normal life and had a pretty busy schedule. And he worked very hard on his rapin' skills and got pretty darn good, I guess.

And that's one more argument against insanity:
He knew EXACTLY what he was doing.
He had multiple appoaches, nightly rape-burgler with knife as well as the aforementioned handicapped.
The report says that in this role, he tricked -often successfully- women into jerking him off.

I completely understand that one aspect of our system is rehabilitation.
And I do have a hard time seeing a retard getting shot in the US, for instance.

But one could generally argue against an insanity-defense.

There is a relatively new lobby, historically speaking, that's gaining power at a frightening speed.

The whole idea of "them" establishing what's "normal" is what I challenge here.

Is it impossible for someone to try to be a grand rapist and not be mentally "ill"?


well not exactly.
The expertise was specifically against a "Sicherheitsverwahrung" -high security detainment- - where whackjobs can be held pretty much indefinitely, thanks to some german legal loophole (the EU is gonna close that loophole, btw, which is probably a good thing)

Me thinks the shrinks are trained to see the "human" underneath the facade of a criminal.
Which is even easier if he has a breakdown, real or not.
In theory, even Pol Pot could be made a new person.

But is that what we want? What are the consequences?

How many serious transgressions does an offender have to fulfill to transcend the status of a mere criminal and be deemed "ill" , thus not fully responsible?

By that logic, you could never hang Saddam and the gang.