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The Influenza Diet


Involuntary Cut via the flu.
I've been laid out with the flu for the past 6 days and am finally well enough to go to work today. I haven't been able to keep much of anything down and 4 of those days I was in and out of consciousness and immobilized in bed. This round of flu is a pretty terrifying strain. I've lost about 10lb so far, it's nuts. Anyone else out there have this too?


Didn't know you could eat influenza.
Maybe try some smoothies or something that doesn't require too much digestive energies.


Yeah, I tried that. It seemed to upset and cramp up my stomach even worse from the cold. It's getting better now but I've been sticking to V8 juice.


Wise guy. You don't have to eat whatever the name of the diet is. You don't go eating a Dr. Atkins when you're on the Atkins Diet. You don't go eating a South Beach on the South Beach diet.
On the other hand, ingesting the influenza virus is one way to contract it. So yeah, I guess you can eat influenza.


You could ask your doctor for Phenergan, although it could make you too drowsy to work.


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Hey chief, I'm just now getting over what I'd imagine was some variation of that nasty little critter you caught...although either mine wasn't as bad as yours, or my immune system kicks ass...

I was laid out for a couple days, Now I just have a pretty nasty cough. But yesterday and the day before I couldn't do anything.

Feel better holmes


Laid up a couple days last week myself. The stuff is all over work.

First workout since last Tues. was last night...lost 5 lbs. Had a very good workout btw, was suprised.


That sounds almost exactly like it. I'm coughing up a storm.

For a coworker, he got a nasty secondary with bronchitis and pneumonia after he was on the mend and was in this cough stage so I'm crossing my fingers. He expects to return to work in another week (hopefully)

Edit: Thanks for the well wishes, buddy.