The Inevitable Truth


My name is Evlogi, 22 years old from Bulgaria. This is my first log here, my previous one was in another forum but i deleted it. I will write my kind of workouts and follow the progress. I’m coming back in the gym after a big pause. My life has changed and I didn’t manage to find enough time to workout. Except workouts, i have intentions to share pictures and thoughts. Everybody feel free to comment if you want to. I’m a junior UI/UX designer but i also have interest in hiking, photography, books, music, cooking, etc.

i dont like bodybuilding and i have always prefered general physical training. I can define myself as a typical endomorph but now i feel like a soft meatball. Most of my goals are in another spectre of life but i generally aspire to look good, eat healthy, be strong and regain my achievements. I have an experience in fasting and now i’m doing it again. I’m fasting between 17-19 hours.

Now i’m working out 3 times a week because i dont have time for more. I make intervals so the time which takes one workout is short , between 30-40 minutes. But intervals smash you like insect. I have never been tempted to use roids and have never been my priority. Usually i use creatine, bcaa and some vitamins. Now i’m gonna be all natural for unknown period of time.

These are my personal bests, always RAW. I want you to know that i will use kilos for unit.

Age 20/21 , height 181cm , 96kg bw.

High bar squat 1 x 190kg

Front squat 1 x 140kg

Zercher squat 1 x 140kg

Close overhand grip deadlift 1 x 240kg , ( 2,5 x bw )

One hand deadlift 1 x 170kg

Military press 1 x 85kg

Push press 1 x 120kg

Bench press 1 x 140kg

Hang clean 1 x 110kg

Snatch 1 x 80kg

One hand kettlebell hang clean 1 x 50kg

Kettlebell swing 40 x 50kg

Dumbell power row 3 x 80kg

Dumbell bench press with one hand 5 x 55kg

Chin up 1 x 50kg

Dip 1 x 75kg

Chin ups 20 x bw

Rope pull ups 18 x bw

Dips 60 x bw

Let’s get started!

I went to new gym because of circumstances. I prefer zercher squat but in this gym its not possible to make it and will make yoke bar squats. Rest between sets is 5 seconds. When i finish 12 sets x 1 rep i rest 30/60 secs and make bonus heavy set for max rep. The method will be the same for every next workout.

yoke bar squat 12 x 1 x 80kg / 5 x 90kg

power clean 12 x 1 x 70kg / 5 x 80kg

cg bench press 12 x 1 x 70kg / 5 x 80kg

cg chin ups 12 x 1 x bw / 10 x bw

hang snatch 6 x 1 x 50kg

back extensions 3 x 10 x bw

ab wheel from knee 3 x 4

cg → close grip.

Decent numbers dude! Good luck!

Thanks man!

Today’s workout.

trap bar deadlift low handles 12 x 1 x 110kg / 7 x 120kg

rowing with trap bar low handles 12 x 1 x 80kg / 5 x 90kg

dumbbell push press 12 x 1 x 25kg / 6 x 27,5kg on hand

dumbbell bench press with one hand 12 x 1 x 25kg / 5 x 30kg on hand

shoulder plate rotations above head 12 x 1 x 20kg / 5 x 25kg on side

renegade rows 3 x 4 x 25kg on hand

ab wheel from knee 1 x 10

push ups 6 x 5 x bw