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The Inevitable MJ Joke Thread


Rather than taint the other thread, I thought I would share the inevitable in a new thread...

Reports of Michael Jackson having a heart attack are incorrect.

He was found in the childrenâ??s ward having a stroke.

There will be a post-mortem today to determine which was the cause of death:

A) Sunshine B) Moonlight C) Good Times D) Boogie

Michael Jackson died of shock after finding out Boyz II Men was a band not a delivery service.

Jockeys at tomorrow's race meetings will wear black armbands out of respect for Michael Jackson,
who successfully rode more three yr olds than anyone in living memory.

McDonald's are bringing out the Michael Jackson tribute burger.

50 year old meat between two 7 year old buns.

50 kids have volunteered to identify the body as they have first-hand experience of seeing Michael Jackson stiff.

Michael Jackson's legal team announced that he had agreed to be melted down by undertakers to make plastic toys. So, kids can play with him for a change.




but i saw it on twitter.


Ok, that's wrong buddy. Give it some time, the dude just died yesterday for goodness sake. Focus on the good things he did and what will be missed instead of the bad things and what won't be missed for a while.


Carpe thats just wrong ffs the poor guy just died and already with the mocking.

Nice sense of human decency you have, and just because Twitter does it you have to ?

I'll post a video of someone jumping off a cliff, you follow that too ?


Easy guys, I doubt anyone on here is a close friend or relative of MJ. Funny is funny, weather it's a year after his death or an hour. And for all the people who felt emotional response over this, I'm a little concerned. I mean he was a celebrity, not your older brother.



I lol'd. But it was a somber lol.


before the condemnation continues, i would argue that as i'm in se asia, given the time difference and this 24/7 age we live in, not detracting from the significance of the news, it feels 'old news'.

failing that, my weak attempt at homour is simply a mask of the sadness within. i did wrong.


I would guess a vast majority of T-Nation is between 20-30 years old ? He WAS that generation, him and Micheal Jordan were THE people.

And even if it was a random person, mocking someone who died less than 24 hours ago is just plain wrong, have some basic human decency to a fellow human being, instead of posting some cheap shot jokes ........ and they are not funny if you find them funny, you need a new sense of humor. Finding pedophilia funny and making jokes about it is really weird to be honest.


It is never too soon, there will always be someone who says it is too soon. Why is it ok to joke about it in a year rather then now? Some way of coping with someone's death is through laughter, if you don't like the content of the thread don't click on it.


If it was someone who was obese we'd all be fine with it. Because it's some sicko weird "icon", all of a sudden it's a problem. Fuck Michael Jackson. I hope he dies.

I laughed, because those jokes are funny.


Being a big MJ fan, I can still find jokes like these funny.
Jokes that paint him as a peadophile and attack his character are not funny, however


Dude get a life, seriously, I'm 29 and MJ was not my generation. #1 it's the internet, #2 your not my daddy so don't lecture me, and #3 I don't have a number 3 but it felt wrong only numbering up to #2.



Apparently the police say his death could be suspicious, they're currently looking for a smooth criminal, he could be black or white but he's definitely bad & dangerous. They got fingerprints off the wall & they say there was a man in the mirror, so he has to be there. They would like to talk to ben & billy jean but they don't wanna be starting something, police say they don't stop till they get enough as they found blood on the dance floor, its going to be a tough case but they will beat it. Police say its a real thriller.


It's not the jokes that aren't funny, it's the fact that he was a pedo that isn't funny.


I am sad for the loss but i have had these jokes being text to me all day, and i have been laughing my head off!




I heard it was food poisoning.

Apparently he had been eating 4 yr old weiners.


Ohh....that was in terrible taste




Michael Jackson has cancelled all upcoming dates!

They were Tommy (aged 9) and Jamie (aged 11)