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The Indigo Project Programs


Good afternoon Community T-Nation

I registered now. And I've had to do several articles, logs, videos, workouts. What most caught my attention was The Indigo Project Programs of CT but tells me This account is not authorized. You must be a member of the Indigo Project to view this content. Wish you had access what I have to do? I like the TC have already accompanied by guest some time and I think in my opinion is what has the most correct philosophy on muscle development.

thank you
Sorry for my english but I'm from Portugal and it's not so good.


Hi welcome... I started the Indigo-3G project 2 years ago and I will say the program is intense and it will make you grow. I woud study the program at first, then go to the gym and then get my ass kicked somewhere 3/4 of the way thru, so I know just loking at te workload isn't enough ti you actually do it.

You have to purchase the Indigo-3G product, that is why its called Indigo-3G project. That gets you ino the program specifically written for Indigo-3G users.
At least that is how it was when I did it 2 years ago, I am just coming back myself... so starting rom scratch again


hi, thanks for responding to my question

but .. I saw on the website Indigo 3g version for free with two sheets to print, now my question is how different it is from the purchased version? I've read about the free version of this program.
can you tell me what is basically the product which leads Indigo 3g? Protein, amino acids, gainer, creatine, etc. which leads the product?

thank you