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The Indigo Project, I Need Help

Hello first ,

I just wanted to ask 2 Quiestions.

  1. For some exercises there are straight and extended sets so I was wondering should i do both of them for the exercise listed or to choose between straight or exstended sets?

  2. For the Specializations should I add a bonus day or wait after the 4 weeks are done and if I dont see any results then use them coz I saw a reply on a post thats was listed ike this option. Or by adding the speciaization on a 6th day which i saw CT replied on a post.

Now what should I do, CT if u see this plzz help me.

You do the straight sets first and then the extended sets. So, you do both.

Regarding specialization workouts, they are provided to work weak or neglected areas. I would usually throw in a back width or a back thickness session once a week since back isn’t directly worked in the indigo program. You can use them to bring up a lagging body part as well. They are optional.