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The incredible shrinking man

Read and saw a picture of this gut in the paper today about a guy who was 200kg(440lbs) in Jan. and is now 135kg(297lbs) thats 143lbs lost in 6 months!!! goal is 100kg. Way to go I say.

Have u all seen the SNL “ad” on “Subshack” where they make fun of Subway? The people gain weight instead of losing it…it was hilarious!

Was gut a typo for guy, or was that intentional :)?

Sorry typo read guy not gut. BTW he was doing BFL, can’t knock it for reaching some of the people who really need to start getting it together.

hey, u think they have it on the web site? what us it herald paper or today paper?

i haven’t seen it, but my idol Jarod lost 245lbs eating only Subway, eating all of those sandwhiches with “only 6g of fat or less!”

ok i am sorry i couldnt resist.

If anyone’s interested I found a link to it at stuff.co.nz/inl/index/0,1008,840878a11,FF.html