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The Incredible Hulk


I don't buy "a lot" of video games. I have San Andreas in the machine most of the time, but liked what they did with Spiderman 2 as far as free roaming, graphics and handling. Other "Super Hero" games have sucked recently with that X-Men game forcing me to sell it back to the store and Punisher making me wonder why they left the blood out of the game.

The Incredible Hulk - The Ultimate Destruction just came out on Play station. They apparently released a previous game based on the movie that sucked more than any other game released in the history of video games. They obviously tried again, and this time it seems they got it right.

The graphics are tight as hell and the free roaming of the city, as well as the ridiculous amount of damage you can cause, makes this one stand out. The story line has NOTHING to do with the movie and they went back to the comic book for inspiration. Running up buildings, grabbing pedestrians and flinging them into the ocean while back flipping onto the heads of the SWAT officers just spells "fun". I must have spent an hour last night tossing cars at people until both blew up. I felt like I needed to go hit the gym again. The bottom line is, I like the game and wanted to pass that on to anyone who gives a shit.


Good review Prof X!! I have the game also and this is one of the best superhero games ever made.

You really do feel like you are controlling the Hulk in this game and can do most of the things he does in the comic. I hope the trend of games with free roaming environments continues.


Spiderman 2 was one of the best games.

Hitman 2 is also a great game.

I would also recommend 'Mercenaries'. That one is like grand theft auto in the middle of a war. The weapons vehicles and mission are all really well done.


I've been wondering about this game. I have been playing GTA: San Andreas of late and I saw excellent reviews for this new Hulk game. I was a little skeptical because it seemed like it would be just like the last one (which got not so good reviews as the Prof pointed out). However, this one just looks like the kind of mindless fun that I love in video games. As much as I love stuff with an involved story line or detailed strategy, there's just a lot to be said for smashing the ever-living hell outta stuff. Explosions and mindless video game violence rule.

Prof - In the commercial, they made it seem like you can wear a couple of cars on your arms and use them like boxing gloves? If that fact alone is true, I might go out today and buy this game.



They call it "steel fists". You pick up a car (or even an air conditioning unit on top of a building), break it in two like a Twix bar and wear one half on each fist. You can also smash a bus, pick it up and use it like a shield. If you aim it just right, you can treat it like a boomarang and it comes back to you after snapping your target's head off. Most of the fun in this game is just fucking up the city.


Sounds cool. You know I think this is the first post I've seem Xman start.


Am I the only one who expected to see pictures of the Prof when I saw the thread title?


lol I thought that WAS a picture of Prof X.

Not too far off I'm sure.


No, LoL


I'm with you!


the movie the Hulk, that came out recently, I thought it was hilarious. so obsurb it was funny


I actually thought they tried to explain it pretty well. They covered all of the bases. The problem was, they didn't latch onto the fact that most people just want to see The Hulk tear shit up. The comic book styling as far as the way it was filmed was a good idea. The guy that played Banner did a good job. They just forgot that most people aren't biologists so I am sure they lost half of their audience the moment they started cutting jellyfish open. I liked that aspect, but agree that they went limp on the destruction and violence that probably would have made it a decent movie.

Well, that and the fact that CGI, while decent, still isn't good enough to make a convincing human.


This thread got 5 stars?????????

Cmon guys ,i have seen much better threads with no stars?

Not attacking u prof x ,im a huge playstation player myself,just perplexed how a playstation game review got 5 star rating?




I like a good shoot em up kind of game once in a while. I don't have a PS or X-box or anything like that; can anyone recommend a website to download some halfway decent free games?
Just something to kill some time when I should be working on my thesis :slight_smile:


Phew...I was scared the Prof. was going to post pics in here...


My opinion its worth 5 stars, I dusted off the playstation 2 and bought the game. I hardly have any time to play video games, and the time I do have I play on-line poker for cash. But I find time to play this game. A must for anyone with high-testosterone, no doubt.


I agree the movie was ok, maybe even above average.

I think it's probably very hard to make a good comic book adaptation into a good movie. There is so much ground to cover and so little time in one 2 to 2 1/2 hour movie. You have to give character background of both the hero and villain. Then there's the origins; how they become the hero/villain. Next is why they are enemies. Etc, etc.

It's also hard to please everyone in a comic book movie. Stick right to the comic and please the hard-core fans, but lose the non-comic readers. Fail to explain the origin, and you piss off the comic nerds. You have to find the right balance to appeal to a wide enough audience to make the film a success.


If you don't like the rating, vote and rate it lower.


One of the things I didn't like about the Hulk movie was the incorporation of Banner's father as the absorbing man. The choices the military made - i.e. making banner sit with father so he could get enraged - were totally idiotic.