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The importance of training logs

I just learned the importance of a training log. I’ve always kept one just so I could keep track of my gains (reps, weight, etc…), but after exaiming it about 10 min ago my eyes have been opened. Without even thinking about it I’ve been doing meltdown workouts for almost nine weeks! I did a 6 week cycle of MD training at the start of the semester, did 3 weeks of strength training, put on some unwanted fat and went right back into meltdown without blinking. I was just sitting here trying to figure out why i wasnt losing weight like i was earlier in the year when it dawned on me to take a glance at my training log, and right there before my eyes was a written record of nearly nine weeks of lactic acid training! Or course my fat-loss came to a holt. After this discovery i plan on switching over to a 5x5 based workout next week. Speaking of, does anyone have a good 5x5 protocal that worked well for them?

Uhh, yeah… logs are good for that, aren’t they?

As for 5x5, just pick some big freakin’ movements and go nuts. (Well, you might want to put a bit more thought into it than that, but that’s the spirit!)

Welcome into the light, brother.

Read Joel Marion’s article: “Ripped, Rugged and Dense” - there’s a 5x5 protocol outlined right in that article. It’s the exact protocol that Ko and I followed and it’s a damn good one.

hey patricia i just finished reading ripped, rugged, and dense. just had a few questions about some of the lifts. for the seated press in the power rack im assuming he means chest press? sumo deadlift - that’s just a deadlift with a wide legstance correct? finally for the dumbell clean and press, do you do a push-press with legs, or a military press with just shoulders? thanks for your help.

Hey bigsd: For the tricep press in a power rack, go here: www.testosterone.net/html/body_61tris.html - scroll down to Exercise #7. That’s the one. And I tell you this: I rec’d the best tricep pump from this exercise!

DB clean and press: basically a DB clean with a shoulder press. What you would do is perform the clean, complete with the dip at the knee when you clean the DBs' to your shoulders. Stand upright, dip again, only a 1/3 of the way down, THEN press the DBs' upwards as you stand up.

Regarding Sumo Deadlift - yes.

I hope this helps!

I’ve run into a powerlifter (ugly and fat yet strong) site and saw that when they’re performing sumo deadlifts, their right hand is normal grip, their left hand is in the supine grip. I tried this and, sweet lord, it is amazing. It completely compensated for my forearm weakness and I was able to do amazing amounts of weight while before being limited to forearm failure. Something to consider.