The Importance of Mixing things Up?

Hi everyone,

In your experiences, how important would you say mixing things up is? I kind of feel like I’m in a plateau with regards to strength/conditioning right now. Maybe I should start swinging ropes or sledgehammers or flipping tires to get to the next level. However, I’m already covering all the muscle groups, all the movements, etc. with my current training. I know the Crossfit philosophy would be that new training is always good. But just thinking about it in terms of physiology, I don’t really see how adding a new exercise would help. It’s not like I’d be training some muscle group that was previously neglected. I’m an engineering student so I kind of only trust things when the science adds up :P.

Any thoughts?

Think tank:

From what you have read/heard/seen/experienced…

-what do think is the rationale behind altering one’s training to spur new progress?
-how can adding a new exercise benefit your old/basic exercises.? why?
-How much alteration do you think is optimal on a weekly/monthly basis for your basic training enthusiast?
-How much does mental stagnation come into play when looking at your training program changes?