The Importance of An Anti-E!



I don’t see anything wrong they look just like mine :X

LOL…maybe he didn’t think anyone would notice?


jesus tap-dancing christ, that’s horrible! who does he think he’s fooling!?

its that gaspari…does it every time!!
don’t hate cuz he has a nice pair of tits! lmfao!!!

Add a little prolactin and you might get a glass of manmilk.

Sucks to go threw all that dieting and training to still have an embarrassing body. Nothing a little surgery couldn’t fix though.

Wow all that effort and daaaaamn!!! I feel bad for the d00d. Now he has to pay thousands in surgery to get the dam things removed.

I dunno how he does it. I would not be able to take my shirt off. He has guts thats for sure.

Was there gyno risk with MAG-10?

Why would he go on stage like that?

Somebody should put these pics into the “who’s got the best rack” thread.