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The 'ImHungry Is A Furry Ghey Tiger' Thread


So it's my 3rd T-Nation comeback with a bang....

Please feel free to express all your erotic and hate feelings towards that furry little bastard in this thread!


Actually, ImHungry is one of the most honest posters here. Plus, the dude is funny.

Okay, just to play along:
I don't think ImHungry has EVER touched a barbell in his life. He just posts here because he has no life outside the interwebs.


SHHHH!!! Don't tell anyone that! What the fak??


My only problem with Hungry is when he constantly agrees with the ladies. Constantly.

Other than that, he's a good guy. I can't really say anything bad about him. Even if he is a furry.

And who is the OP? Is he new here?


I didn't know a tiger can use a computer...

I like the guy lol x2 on the funny.


In my very first post he called me out and yelled at me. But, he likes beer and boobs so he beyond cool in my book.


He has a hairy chest, ewwwwwww...


LOL these boards were my bitch til I went on hiatus


Really? I guess T-Nation was in a recession.


Where is Renton when you need him????


Don't tigers like waffles?


Nah, Renton couldn't keep up with me so he went on hiatus and I took over...then the furry tiger came in and tried to take over


He is trying to get in good with the ladies...now you've exposed his secrets!!


Waffles or Pancakes??!!!???



But at the end of the day, he's still gonna dry hump his monitor. There's nothing to gain.

Keep up the good work, Hungry!


Hey, how you doin'?

Come around here often??? :wink:


I still don't get why he's always got feline avatars. But yeah, he's a pretty good guy. Even though one time in my T-Nation undergroud sex club thread he tried sleeping with me.


this thread sucks


Also, I don't think he's funny. Great guy, nice enough guy, and respectful. Funny? No. I think Livefrom781 is hilarious and I think his honesty is underrated.


Oh he's a Furry alright. And a total attention whore. This is his number one pickup move to get some man love.