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The ID


If you could cave in to that thought that gets stopped,what would you do?

I have two

  1. Beat the Hell out of someone in an elevator.

  2. Bashing a guy's head into the wall as he pees in a urinal on the side of me.....

of course, I'd never do it and I absolutey havent done it.....lol


What's this have to do with the Iron Dwarf?


There's this kid that somehow ended up in 3 of my classes, every time he talks, which is a lot, I want to walk over and choke him to death.


Sometimes if I see a really spoiled and/or annoying kid in a public place, say a mall or restaurant, I dream of giving the smart-mouthed little urchin one of those King Leonidas "push kicks".


Start drinking at 7:30 now, Rock?

Also, I'd purposely smash into some one who cuts me off.


I can't help but notice you have Ireland listed as a location. I believe you.


I think it would be hilarious to wave someone on into oncoming traffic, like you both stop at a two way stop with a third way that doesn't have a stop sign, they aren't paying attention, you wave them to go , and they go right into a car that's turning.

Does that make any sense? I think it'd be hilarious.


Must be a mormon thing....lol


girl in law school with me, pockmarked faced fat ass, a gunner is the most negative sense of the word. Everytime she opens her mouth and spews ignorance I want to throw my considerably large Contracts book at her.


Any time school's out and I've been playing video games like Grand Theft Auto too much or something similar this happens to me...I would love to do some of that shit in real life


lol, I was hammered man.



Everyone dreams of destroying you.


Does he have an annoying high-pitched voice?


Don't kick the baby!


Dude, make a u-turn a hit those fuckers head on!!!




I think about T-Boning schoolbuses.


I keep my ID in my back pocket - just in case.


I keep a boxcutter in mine. I like art.


I keep ID in my back pocket... just cuz he has an awesome avvie