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The Ian King Seminar, Up and Down under

Heya T-freques. I would have posted last night however I was throughly exhausted after attending Ian King’s one day seminar at Crunch Gym in NYC. Rather, the 38th st. Crunch Gym as it appears there is one of these establishments every three blocks. Ian conveniently divided the seminar into three sections, trunk, lower, and upper body. Abdominals were divided into six sections and from this point on the atendees (including one monkey in a T-mag shirt) were on the floor engaging in an excrutiating interactive demo. The rest of the day was similar in htis test-it- out-yourself approach. Ian’s showcase on the daedlift is something I beleive every serious bodybuilder or athelete should experience at some point. Attune to every muscle fiber in one’s system, Ian interacts heavily with participants to clearly convey what is and what should be occuring during a movement. One of the most important (and surprisingly brutal) portions of the seminar covered stretching. Ian stressed how vital stretching is to both injury prevention and to strengthening muscle tissue. I admit that my stretching to this point has been somewhat lax, but I am converted and seek to recind my days of retaining a tight hip flexion. I would like to thank Ian for his phenominal program and most certainly reccomend his seminars, videos, and books to the entire T-Forum. Lata.

"MBE. In the land of the poorly executed squats, the man with good form is King. since 1450. JADABB founder, 2002."


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