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The 'I Love Guns' Thread


"HOUSTON â?? A jewelry store owner shot and killed three armed men who tried to rob his business, police said.

Two men were in an east Houston jewelry store Thursday afternoon pretending to be customers when a third man burst into the store and stated, "This is a robbery," Houston police spokesman Kese Smith said.

All three men then pulled out pistols, tied up the store owner's wife and took her to a back room, Smith said.

As they were trying to tie up the store owner, the 52-year-old took out a handgun from his waistband and fatally shot one of the suspects, Smith said. The store owner then grabbed a shotgun and shot and killed the two other suspects in the ensuring gunbattle, Smith said."


Without being armed, anything could have happened to this man and wife. And where owning a gun is hard to legally do, this man probably would have been helpless.


He's lucky it was texas and not one of these fluff progressive locations. Otherwise he would probably be being prosecuted.

Good for him.


Yea if he was up here in New Jersey he'd be screwed.


Hopefully the three robbers suffered greatly - physically and emotionally - before dying.


If it was in Cali, it would be purely racial. I have 2 words for this situation... court adjourned.


That is awesome that he used slugs. Biggest piece of lead you can throw at someone by far.


BWAHAHA!!! One of the comments:

Sing along! "On the third day of Christmas, my shotgun gave to meeee...three losers learnin'..."


One word: BADASS!


This right here is good shit


"HPD spokesman Kese Smith said the two men had Honduran identification on them. He said their immigration status is uncertain."

We really gotta get going on that wall. and people try to say the AZ law is bullshit.


What a fucking hero


inb4 BerzerkerGang, lol


More Texas Justice...

"Harris County deputy's son shoots one of two intruders
15-year-old and sister, 12, were alone when pair entered, so he got dad's rifle."

"The boy, 15, and his sister, 12, were alone about 2:30 p.m. when they heard glass breaking downstairs at the home in the 2600 block of Royal Place Court in northwest Harris County.

The boy went downstairs with the rifle and spotted the two burglars in the living room.

He fired several shots and struck one of the intruders, said Lt. Jeff Stauber with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

"He was concerned with protecting his younger sister â?? that's exactly what he did,â?? Stauber said."



I absolutely love stories like this.


Awesome. Love these stories as well. Especially when it happens in places like Illinois... then it's 100x better.