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The 'I HATE Prof X' Thread


After some comments in this thread:

It was suggested that a thread be made so all of the people who have been mentally raped by me can post openly without repercussions...a little like a support group.

Have at it, guys.


You stole your name from X-Men and Professor Xavier.... and I just now put the two together... I hate you



Agreed. I am a dirty thief. My cousin started calling me a mutant in college which is how that started.


Um Um your bigger then me and I am jealous!!! So meh!

LOL great thread btw


You're a fuckin dentists, You cause pain for a living, and aside from Rockula, no one likes that shit. Why don't you take that drill, turn it on, and shove it up your ass.



So, this is like one of those Hollywood roasting shows where we can say whatever we want without repercussion?


Now, little ones, now is your chance to bring down X!

I think it's worth pointing out the previous thread's suggestion that every attack/insult/flame be accompanied by a recent picture of the poster. Just sayin'. I predict a solid 17:1 views to posts ratio by the time this thread runs its course.

I do have to give you credit, man. I may disagree with some things you say or how you say them, but if someone comes to this site looking to add major muscular bodyweight, your input is in the top 5%.


I had to surgically remove three teeth on a woman today. The response when all was done was, "you're done?! I didn't even know you started!!".

Naaah, I take more pain away than I cause.



Now you have to start this kinds of threads yourself?

They used to spring out of the ground like mushrooms after a warm summer rain.....


Mental Rape? Hahahahahahaha, I guess if you call my neighbors poodle occasionally humpin my leg when I'm over, rape, then yea, but otherwise, no.

Prof X, Humpin peoples legs occasionally since 2002.



Liar, I have it on good word the name stems from the fact that your caves are so small you're dependent on a wheel chair.


Yep. No hits will put out on you and no one will be waiting in your living room, shrouded in darkness, for you when you come home at night.


I thought it said "I ATE Prof X" I'm dissapointed.


You hear that a lot from women don't you?


That's what she said!!!

Oh wait. That is what she said.


Well, I figured that calling out guys like "overstand" and others directly would get to the bottom of why these guys follow me around all of the time.


ProfX fucked my mom.

I never forgave him for that.


Actually, mostly I just get, "mmphm...rrrrmmmmmm......hmph"


He stinks and I don't like him.