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The 'I Hate JaseHxC' Thread


While I doubt anyone out there truly hates me (unless you have an extremely skewed perspective and throw the word "hate" around like it's a hot potato) I've started this thread in an attempt to create the pinnacle of self deprecating humor. I'll be fielding any and all questions, any criticisms, and insults and responding in a manner that puts a smile on all of our faces.

Ideally, this thread will spiral out of control and encompass all aspects of popular threads that pop up in the various sub forums. With that, I bid you all the best of luck and go...


Your posts taste like licking a battery.


you are one of the few on here who appreciates good music, so nothing bad to say


Get over yourself. Nobody cares. Besides, this thread is completely pointless unless you've cleared your "ignore" list.


I am often reading the forum, and then I see your name, and then I'm like, "Oh, here he goes with the vegetables again.."

Then I click out of the Geek Shit thread..


inb4 vegan jokes

edit... ^ahhh shit.. uhh inb4 straight edge jokes




I thought it would be appropriate to post a pic of 2 things you love and hate juxtaposed.


Some dude who doesn't like me who got told about himself by people who do like me.

That's all.

Bullshit internet drama that no one will pay attention to. Lol

That's basically it.


I just finished eating pork. I dedicate it to you.


There truly is nothing that I hate more than blue, button up shirts that have not been ironed...god damn disgusting.


I think he was saying you hate black people with that hair cut.


What's wrong with that hair cut?


I hate everything from Canada except Robin from How I Met Your Mother, this girl Dawn I grew up with, and Canadian Beef. Jase won't even eat the beef...and he couldn't get with Dawn or Robin to eat them either.


Could I hook up with either of these women?


You need at least 30,000 more posts to even be entitled to create such a thread, you carrot humping egomaniac


I figured he'd be as offended over a black guy eating his beloved vegetables, as he would over a black guy bangin' a white girl.


No, my real issue is with that shirt...just awful really.


Just curious, Jase... what shirt would you like to see on him (ID opens a can of worms)?


HXCJase hates black people.

HXCJase hates music with discernible lyrics.

HXCJase hates meat.

HXCJase hates Ct Rock.

HXCJase hates food that doesnt taste like dirt.

HXCJase hates when I call him HXCJase and not JaseHxC lol