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The 'I Can't Sleep' Thread



I can't sleep. Too hot. It must be, like, 60 or 70 outside, and it's about 80 in the house from today. Turbo fans aren't doing much.

I don't know how you fuckers live down south. I have to go to NC in a couple weeks and I'm going to die from heat stroke. I know it.

I can't sleep in this heat and it's not even June yet.

Does anyone have a walk-in freezer I can sleep in?


I know your pain. I'm in London and it was 30 (86F) yesterday. And sticky. Plus it gets light at 4am now.
Fortunately it's dropped down by about 10 degrees for the rest of the week. Thank God.


I know what you mean. I wish I could just have a personal air conditioner follow me around , because it's always too hot. Except sometimes during the winter when I need to put on a sweater.


Its terrible...hit 90 today and its muggy as hell...just sitting here sweating watching 24...awesome...not


its 76 inside, no AC
can't sleep, made myself a cup of oats. got curious, dumped some weightgainer in too. got ballsy, added a tablespoon of fluff. all that made me thirsty, drank 6oz of EVOO.

this is not helping how warm i am.


How'd that taste? Its pretty hot here. 29 C or 84F today. Still really warm. Going to chill a spike for the morning. Been drinking them warm cause all I wanted was the energy.


I feel pretty damn energetic for quarter-past-midnight, Andrew. I just realized I have five cans of Coke Zero around me though, damnit. I friggin' hate moving, I need a way to move 1500lb of weights from this house to the new one... and I can't think with my undershirt sticking to my back.

Oooh, cold shower at midnight...


What part?


I'm cuddled up in a blankey and falling asleep awake. HAHA!


Damn you, PMPM. I could clock out hard if I wanted to by going to bed in the buff (normally this isn't an option because I'm never the only one home), but I have a paper on Jason Statham to write and I really couldn't care less about the product placement in the Transporter series.


Someone's been drinking....


Air... conditioning...?


Nope, not tonight...


Seattle is running 10 degrees below normal so it's mid 50's during the day. Come on over!


It's not too hot here in Texas, only running mid 90's but I still can't sleep. Totally lame. I do get quite a bit of crap done though, which is nice.


I'm not even trying to sleep. I'm on vacation and I had an acai berry green tea about an hour ago. Will be brewing a pot of coffee and tying some flies for the rest of the night.


got a sunburn today. Buttfuck my life.


Did I mention newborn? I forgot how much the little fuckers wail all night!


I was in Toronto this weekend and forgot how fucking humid it gets there. The same temp out here in Cali feels amazing. There though, I wanted to die.

Steely, I didn't know you had a newborn. When? Boy/girl? Name?


Chicago's pretty fucking humid. In my room I got two fans going, my arm is still sticking to my cell phone and I'm in my boxers that are clinging to my nutsack. My AC is only terrible for my room in the house, so that's gay. Not to mention my mom, before work, turns off the AC so I will wake up in 5 hours in a pile of sweat, and will have to go downstairs to turn it on and wait for it to get cool before I can go to sleep again. Then I'll wake up 3 hours later just real groggy.