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The Hype Over This Creatine


I pretty much stick to your basics.. Protein supplement, Fish Oils, Recovery Drink, Basic Old Fashion Creatine..
Everyone at my gym is all about Cell Mass Creatine. I told them for 39.00 bucks it's a gimmick. They say there is no bloating, no loading, and instant results.
Talk to me peope.. Whats the hype about??


Lots of big ads in muscle magazines.


Its just that, Hype.

Creatine= $9.00

Hype= $30.00

A long time ago, I gave a guy I work with a bag of weed because I quit smoking and had some left over.

He wouldn't accept it. It was perfectly good bud, but it was free. He asked what was wrong with it. I told him nothing was wrong, and that I quit. He thought about it for a good 10 minutes before accepting it.

Had I told him that it was some himalayan hydro crossed with vietnamese bang fuck, smuggled into the states in the ass of a monkey, and bought from a monastery dedicated to getting stoned- He would have given me 50 bucks.

Its Hype. Very powerfull. Not worth a shit, but very powerfull.


Got any left?


Bro...anything from BSN is pretty much bullshit, though some would disagree (and maybe rightfully so). I stopped using their products because they were overpriced and overhyped.


QFT. Thank you, whoever you are. I'm sick of Syntha-6 being pimped in the Biotest forums. Syntha-6 wishes it was Surge and MD in one drink...so it does a half-assed job of being both. All hype...Big Ron and HHH are in the ads and the bottles are sparkly...those are your fucking market signals.

Which brings me to another point...why doesn't Biotest have uniform packaging? I think that looks good, the way MHP, BSN and GNC Pro Performace do their products. If Biotest started packing all their products in uniform purple and gold packaging, that would be super cool. I'd be Level 5 in no time. Think about it...


Uniform packaging is more important in stores so it all stands out. Biotest tend to do sales through the net afaik - not a lot of major retail places stock their stuff, so theres not a whole lot of point. Wouldn't hurt though, and could be cool =)


I think majority of the packaging you find on other brands looks tacky, like the kind of supplements you'd find in the 90's.


I think the majority of Biotest products use similar packaging technology and labeling. Cookie-cutter products with all the same labels even though the stuff inside is different is boring and shows no creativity.

Look at GNC brand products. They purposesly use minimal packaging and boring labels. Most people don't know why they do it though. They do it so their stuff looks more medicinal, and in turn gives the appearance of higher quality. Look at all the "fat burners" on the shelves. Pick out the ones that are trying to look like a bottle of aspirin- those are the ones that do nothing.


If you want to pay $39 for sugar, go ahead.

I'd rather pay $13 for the micronized creatine that actually works and doesnt make me feel like I have a hot air balloon in my ass.


lol all so true, i was at GNC just buying some plain creatine, i asked if they had any other simple creatine that wasn't GNC cause that stuff made me ill.

"oh you are on the old stuff still? you need the creatine ethyle esther super mambo duper dingalingdong 70$ a bottle sparkly pills"

"im friggen 165lbs all i really need is a damn burger"