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The Hunger Killers (My Full Diet + Searching for Advice)

Hello Friends,

So I’m going through the Stickies and Must-read threads, I’m sure there is plenty of info and other threads on here that is related to the issue I’m having,
I’m currently very desperate and need some feedback from the knowledgeable community about specifically about what is going awry with my diet.

So here is the short story…

I had gone for a hour sprint every morning for about 4 months (asked advice about burnout & recovery, however, never received any solid answers so I kept on going).
Around the end of this marathon, I began a new job that required me to walk a 5 or 10K, if not walking, then on my feet the entire time for the 2 year duration that I ran a 50-60hr/week schedule there.
I nearly died of a exhaustion heart attack, I have been existing at home since as a damn near equivalent of a cancer patient, fighting everyday just to survive through very severe pain.
I wake up everyday in 1000% hunger pain, I spend all day attending to my psychotic stomach and the kitchen prep that goes along with that.

Throughout the years, I have been very enthusiastically “health-conscious”, though wanting to figure it all out on my own and not necessarily “dietary studied”.

My first meta of diet was a shotgun approach, “eat everything that is supposedly good for you” then I have removed things one by one as I have suspected this or that causing the continued hunger issue.

If you could advise any information, I’d be greatly appreciated.
(note*: I have been to the doctors and ran blood test, where the results had hit near/perfect in every bench mark, I have not been able to get answers from professional medical consultants)

Here is my current diet: (I’m 32 years old, 280lb, not ripped but in good form at 6’1". I have the mentality for building muscle, I’m wanting/needing to recover/stabilize first.)
2x[per day] 1lb Ribeye Steaks
2x 2 Whole Wheat/Grain slices of bread with 8oz cup of lactose-free milk
1x 0.25-0.5 Dark Chicken
1x 2 Scrambled Eggs
once or twice, a big friggin bowl of white rice/with 8oz of Corn + 8oz of Black Beans
1x Apple, Carrot, Celery, Blueberries (juiced)
about 100oz of water (I’ve tried 80%, 60%, etc.)

I eat the same thing consistently everyday, I aspire to have a perfect diet and not drop the ball anywhere, I really don’t care to change things up as long as I can excel in health.
This has helped me remove things and figure out how they affect my body, test, trial & error.

Top Canidates to add again: Sweet Potatoes (had daily for years), One Can of Olives
I used alot of other fruits for my blend, but removed as suspects: Mango/Kiwi (removed just this week, saw positive changes), Beets, Cranberries, a few others
I have been avoiding greens as suspected of overprocessing: Broccoli, Avocado, even Salad (I used to eat 7oz of Spinach daily)
Avoided for Acid: Orange Juice (I love it, but stopped because it seemed to cause long-term issues), Tomatoes
Avoided as suspect for dehydration: Walnuts (would use 4oz daily)

Thank you for your time, I believe your advice can be a life-saver.

So, to be clear, you had an actual myocardial infarction?

Like not just using that as a turn of phrase or something?

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Here’s your first problem

This is a one way ticket to neuroticsville, arizona

Cut yourself some slack

Perfect is the enemy of progress.

Just focus on hard, honest work and watch the magic unfold


I’m also confused. You had an MI, continue to eat 2 lbs. of ribeye daily, yet have perfect bloodwork and your doctors are pleased? I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I’ve got to be misreading

I just don’t undetstand what this thread is about. Is it about being hungry all the time or digestive issues? I’m confused.


At 280lbs, no less. I agree, there’s lots of missing info here. And a question.

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The OP joined one day ago, just to ask this question. Based on the provided information, there seems to be lifestyle related issues at a higher priority than food. Indeed, the questions are many. How is your sleep? Anxiety level? What are your genuine preferences in life?

No, I didn’t have a actual heart attack, just literally feeling as dead exhuasted as can possibly be after pushing way severely past my limitations, forced to work on minimal sleep for a long period of time.

The daily steaks are required, I’ll feel severe pain of starving otherwise if I miss even half a day.

“hungry all the time or digestive issues?”
Hmm, can be tough to split the two. Nothing has problems digesting, rather everything is digesting too easily and makes me feel hungry all the time.

The question is, “what can I change to my diet to satisfy the hunger, despite me doing all of this already?”

“…lifestyle related issues at a higher priority than food. Indeed, the questions are many. How is your sleep? Anxiety level? What are your genuine preferences in life?”
I would say that healthy eating is top priority. Not much gets in the way of trying to solve this hunger issue, in other words, meals aren’t getting negelected.

Sleep is alright, other than I can often wake up starving after 5 or 6 hours, despite consuming a heavy meal right before bed in attempt to avoid that from happening, I usually need to go back to sleep after this early breakfast.

Anxiety levels?
Hmm, I suppose you could say relatively high? I’m not sure how to measure that.

Preferences in Life? Not entirely sure what sort of answer your looking for.
I guess you can say I’m a motivated person, I’m working on opening my own online buisness, I would love to exercise more (note how I loved running before the pain settled in) however I can’t really because, let’s say fear of post-workout hunger. The issue is so terrible that I feel that I need to be conserving my energy, not spending it.

Re your direct question I would honestly recommend adding some good fat to your diet. The fastest, most convenient route against hunger issues. Too bad you fell out on cashews, otherwise adding nuts would be an easy option. Periworkout Plazma type solution?

Are you experiencing any symtoms of low blood sugar?

Are you on any PEDs? (Or other medication?)

Have you had this problem since childhood or it it a recent development? How old are you?

Oh. Ok.

So what are your actual limitations?

Do you have any types of disability?

Do you currently exercise at all?

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This is a super interesting case. Have they checked for a parasite? Do you travel? Although I guess we’d expect you to be losing weight or have some other symptoms if you had a parasite

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Can we come back to the 280lbs thing? What does that 280lbs look like?

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Or have they checked for Prader- Willi syndrome?

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I’m not familiar, I had to look it up, but there’s a host of symptoms that comes with that.
Regardless, I’m guessing the forum is not going to responsibly figure this one out.


Had to throw that one in, huh?

It did occur that this one may go beyond the reach of self help and into medical intervention range.

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I mean it’s tough to say. You clarified the MI question up front. It’s hard on here to tell whether folks are being literal in their descriptions

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Yeah. There seems to be some wide berth on what some words mean like exhaustion, limits, healthy eating.

A lot of room for misunderstanding.


It’s why I keep coming back, a pic.