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The Human Ken Doll


why... Why? WHY!?!?


I hope no one on these fora will be able to answer that.


he doesnt look anything like a Ken doll. He looks like a guy who has had too much plastic surgery trying to look like a woman.


Hodgetwins did a video on him a long time ago I think. I can't believe how skinny he is and yet somehow he still doesn't have abs rofl. And the lips. My God what's the idea behind that?


Gets muscle implants but doesn't look like he lifts........wtf


He doesn't look anything like this.


No, but human barbie actually looks a lot like barbie.


You could totally pull that off.



His last name is Jedlica ROFL!

As far as I know he's never licked me.


Human Barbie.

Damn I bet she is a pain in the ass to be around.


She is going to be institutionalized when she hits 40 because plastic surgery can't fix everything.


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Can you imagine the bitch fit when she sees her first wrinkle?

...and lol at muscle implants to look less muscular than most couch potatoes....but my guess is, some guys here would say he wins because of he is "lean".


He sounds so incredibly gay that I am not sure if or what he is winning.

I dont get what makes a gay man attractive, the best theory that I have is a mustache.



Human Barbie looked pretty good before all the surgery.


She's Ukranian, and many are pretty hot to begin with. Being hot was normal, so I think she needed to be unique and distinguish herself from the rest.

Fortunately, there are plenty of Ukranians who are ok with just being born hot. Too bad they're mostly still in Ukraine.


she should have moved to NE Ohio, the ratio of hot women to fat-busted women is extremely poor


I see a mail order bride in your future.