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The Human Centipede


Now this is true ATM. lol.


I lik the guys facial expressions "Jes der ve go!!!"


When Joh8pkguy sees this, he'll be fapping like a madman for the rest of the day.......


You assume he stops fapping at some point


he never



LOL!! Yeah, you're probably (definitely) right about that.

I forgot who I was dealing with there, for a moment.


I can't help but think that the people who think these things up are completely fucked in the head.


Read the plot in wikipedia (Spoiler Alert) and see how it ends. That's some twisted shit.

BTW I was expecting some crazy circus trick...


A university professor of mine told me that there were actual experiments done in the 50's that involved "stitching" 2-3 dogs together and joining their circulatory systems. I forget what the exact purpose was. Messed up.


go on


I can't. That's (thankfully) all I can remember. Maybe somebody else here knows about it.


So apparently (from wiki) The "digestive system" of the human centipede is the "head" attached to the next person by attaching the mouth to the anus and the same with the last body part. So the first person drops the bomb..the second one swallows it and then the third then finally out the end. Its categorized as a horror/porn film. unfortunately for you fetish people it goes male- female-female. I think if they had better producers it would of been F-F-F LOL. I think ill skip this charming film lol.


That roughly sounds like the North American political system.


Ok my sound doesnt work, I might be missing something but if two rather attractive girls in need randomly stop at my house for the night I am gonna figure something better to do than a fucking centripete


You have to remember this is set in Germany, regular logic doesn't apply here.


I like how the screen at the end says "100% Medically Accurate".


This book has what you mentioned plus a few other strange ass shit "scientists" did with cadavers.