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The Hulk, Superman, The Matrix, and more....

Haven’t posted anything like this in awhile. However, there’s been some “stuff” lately that I felt would be of interest here. So, here goes:

The Hulk: Here's a sneak peek description of the upcoming HULK Superbowl spot this weekend during the game's first quarter: "......In thirty seconds, they showed quite a bit of the creature which was a treat. Here is an few detailed shots of what you will see on Sunday. It opens just as the teaser, with Eric Bana voice over his thoughts as he sits in a chair taking notes in a classroom, and after a few seconds it shows a more detailed version of him morphing into the Hulk. After that, it just has countless shots of Hulk crashing into things and throwing things. One thing in particular that he throws around in a circle is a tank. One piece of criticism: the computer creature is interesting to look at, but in some sequences he looks to be as big as King Kong. If that is how the comic book character is, then they have a definite hit, if people are expecting to see a creature the size of Arnold Schwarznegger, then they will definitely be surprised. The full length trailer will be attached to prints of "Daredevil"".

Superman: Writer and "Alias" creator JJ Abrams' reps indicated to Superman: Last Son of Krypton the new "Superman" film's current status and yes the delay rumours seem to be true: "They are trying to lower the budget and have pushed the start date back because of it. They also haven?t found their SUPERMAN yet" AND, Brent Ratnor may not be the director of this flick anymore. The studio is moving towards Michael Bay...

The Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions: Variety reports that after the Superbowl, the films will be promoted separately with a "Revolutions" teaser to immediately follow the cliffhanging end of the second film.

Blade III: Countingdown reports that scribe David Goyer indicated preproduction would begin in approximately two months and that he was still working on the script. An August 2004 release is being targeted.

I've got more...but will wait until this posts and then add.

Amaze me how you get these information. Blade III huh, can’t wait and another Superman. Do you know anyhing about, “The Hero” starring Jet Li, Directed by: Yimou Zhang I think it is all ready out in China and Europe. But, when will it be released in the US? I figure you’ll be the only who knows these things.

I looked at the casting line up for The Hulk on IMDB. Lou Ferrigno has a small part in the film. He is credited as “Security Head” or some such thing. I thought this was kind of cool.

Ahhh You big Tease!

Great Info Patricia, I’m waiting on DD and Matrix movies. I always loved DD and Spiderman cuase they had to actually fight and earn their “wins”. I mean really how hard was it for Superman to kick ass? Anyone know where I could buy some Kryptonite, Cheap?

A good friend of mine is one of the technical directors at ILM for Hulk. He was just telling me how he worked on a scene where the monster gets blasted by a rocket, and in true fan-boy fashion (getting all overly anxious) I was like ‘what happens to him what happens to him?!’… His reply,… “I’m not sure, I didn’t work on the next scene” (LOL!) Gotta love this industry.

Okay…folks, don’t hate me after I “say” this: I just saw shots from The Hulk Super Bowl ad. Oh MY GOD. Fan Freakin’ Fantastic. The scene alone of Green Meanie throwin’ a tank will make you shit your pants. I’m in geek heaven. I’m thinkin’ The Hulk, X2, Daredevil, The Matrix sequels, LoTR, The Amazing Spider-Man…oh my god. People don’t miss this The Hulk trailer on Super Bowl. I’m taping that first quarter - oh yeah.


Batman: DC comics editor Bob Greenberger recently spoke on a sci-fi/fantasy panel convention in Boston which Comics2Film attended and revealed some interesting news: "The editor stated that the much-rumored new script, Batman: The Frightening is now the most viable candidate for the next Batman movie. As has been previously reported, the story involves the villain known as The Scarecrow. Greenberger reportedly told the crowd that Aronofsky's Year One project is "gone"...[but] Frank Miller may still be working on either Year One or The Frightening. Finally, with regards to Batman, the editor cautioned that things are in the early stages and nothing is ever final"

Okay, I'm going to comment on something here. Anyone notice how in the last few years Marvel has been kicking DC Comics' ass in terms of the big screen? Kinda sad. I had a talk with the comic book pros when I was in Atlanta about this. Since many of them are doing work for DC. The consensus was "middle management". DC is part of Warner Bros. And there's been constant power plays causing all sorts of hell. Example: The Superman debacle.

The Matrix: Entertainment Tonight's website has a nice article about The Matrix, including a video "tease" that shows just a bit of the "revolutionary" special effects in the third flick. Go here: www.etonline.com/celebrity/a14194.htm

As for "Hero: This is a movie I've been wanting to see since the project was announced. I've seen the trailer (loved it) and have been reading reviews (all good). It has been released (December 2002), but just quite ain't here in the states yet. The cast is phenomenal: Zhang Ziyi, Donnie Yen (yeah!), Tony Leung (double yeah!), Maggie Cheung, and Jet Li. The directer, Zhang Yimou has also directed Raise The Red Lantern and Ju Dou (both of these flicks, just beautiful, great, fabulous). Effects house, Animal Logic is responsible for the FX of this film. As well as The Matrix films. Official site: www.herothemovie.com and there is also a Time article that's excellent, excellent read on the making of this film: www.time.com/time/asia/features/hero/

This movie NEEDS to be seen.

Catwoman: Oh, about a year or two ago, it was announced that Ashley Judd would be portraying everyone's favorite feline femme fatal on screen. However, she's just been too damn busy. Soooo, the studio is strongly considering Halle Berry instead. They think she's a bigger action star now anyways.

Terminator 3: Arnie will make a live appearance before Super Bowl XXXVII and unveil a new 30-second spot.

There's more. But I gotta go to work.

What are they waiting for? Release “HERO” in the US all ready… I can’t wait any longer.

Heheh. Ummmmmm sorry. From your first post about the Hulk’s size. I only have a few comics with him in it but he’s freaking big and by big I mean tall. 7’5" or something. However I read in one of the Marvel Universes(the stat books) that as we all know the madder he gets the stronger he gets…well it said he also gets bigger as well…up to a point anyways I think it’s like 9 ft tall.

From your friendly neigbourhood Geek. :wink: