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The Hulk Bench?


Hmm this has been bugging me lately... After watching the new hulk movie i wondered what the hulk could bench press.. He has pretty good chest development do you think he follows a 5x5 split or a traditional 3x10? Whatever he does i think he needs to work on more functionality.


He follows the HULK SMASH split. It works pretty well and I think more people should try it.


hulk is definitely an under rated super hero. he could prob press the whole fuckin planet since his strength just increases the angrier he gets. you'd just have to have sum annoying song on repeat to keep pissing him off exponentially.


I'm wondering about a max lift though, what is the MAX the hulk could obtain?


i don't think there is any limit lol pretty sic if u ask me. he even lifted thor's hammer


he probably spends an entire day training nothing but bicepts


In one of the comics, the Hulk destroyed a planet by stomping on it. Although I guess that doesn't tell you how much he could bench- I'd say a fair amount.


The Hulk trains in a million G hyperbaric chamber manufactured for him by Stark industries, focusing on crossfit style exercises, kettlebell training and tearing adamantium phonebooks in half.

He stopped bench pressing and full rom squatting after Doc Samson told him he'd fuck up his shoulders and knees.

He once tried deadlifting, but it caused the Earth to misalign from it's orbit so he's off that too.


I think his strength is actually unlimited. "The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets." Conceivably he is strong enough to do anything even on a planetary scale, but he just has to get mad enough.

I actually went and googled it:



remember that time hulk dropped the atomic leg drop on the japanese and single handedly ended world war 2. hulkamania running wild


When Hulk transforms, he can lift 90 tons out of the gate. But if you were to piss him off or someone was outbenching him, then there is no cap on his strength.


How come nobody asks what Hulk can SQUAT?


He could bench press a lot but he's relatively weak. Like all bodybuilders.


"holding up a 150 billion ton mountain"
Take from the link posted above.

Well, he can overhead press 150 billion tons, that bodes well for his bench press....


His vertical jump is high enough to propel him into the stratosphere at a bodyweight of about 1100 pounds. This calculates to a 131435897 pounds squat according to CoolColJ's calculator: www.higher-faster-sports.com/verticaljumpcalculator.html


Great find. The thread can end now. Chris solved the problem.


OMGGGGGGG-- dudez, watif he uzed an squat suit and roidzes??!!!1111!!!


I bet he has some crazy roid rage....


best. post. EVER!


Do they make squat suits big enough to fit him? Do they make needles strong/sharp enough to pierce his skin?