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Taking massive action today and getting a log started for my journey to get lean, retain and refine muscle mass and get stronger in the process.

I’ve discussed many times on this site on me being a Type 2 Diabetic so I’m here to prove to myself that careful diet planning, weight training and the right balance of lifestyle can control my blood sugar and keep me normal and not diabetic.

I will be going with a Push/Pull/Legs split. Ramping up sets. I will be training at a globo gym (crowded) so I will pick whatever exercise is available. I plan to train early on weekends and public holidays to work on squats and deadlifts.
Cardio of 20 to 40 steady state on off days to start with. 1 HIIT session a week.

Starting slow. Key is to be consistent and achieve what I set out.

Protein at approx 1g/lb of BW to start with - around 200g (primarily from food) and 1 PWO (50g P) shake a day. Sourced primarily from beef, chicken, eggs, bacon, tuna.
Carbs at 50g a day. Sourced primarily from rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes. I’m not measuring green veggies, I usually prefer broccoli.
Fat at 100g a day/. Sourced from mac oil, coconut oil, fish oil.

237lbs at 22% BF at 6ft tall.

Using John Romaniello’s 5 radical fat loss principles. 80kg estimated LBM maintainence = 13 x 80 x 2.2 = 2288.

Above calc (PCHOF) = 250x4 + 50x4 + 100x9 = 2100 cals (say).

IF on the weekends and public (bank) holidays. Same macros, 8 hour window.


  1. Being consistent.
  2. See 1.

0. 6% body fat by Memorial Day 2012. 28th May 2012.

  1. Maintain 50g of carbs daily. Deviate maximum 20%.
  2. Train 6 hours a week minimum.
  3. Take weight measurements and 3 point BF measurements every Sunday morning upon wake.
  4. Take torso and back shots every Sunday. Will post some pics time and again.


  1. Trying to keep the log as simple as possible.
  2. You won’t see mega weights or anything fancy. If I can make this work, anyone can.
  3. I’ve trained and learned from many people, time to put it all into action.

Nautilus Pullover (lbs) : 80x6, 110x6, 125x6, 140x6, 155x6
Assisted PU (||) : -54x5, -47x5, -40x5, -35x5, -26x5
Isolateral Row : 1ppsx10, 2ppsx8, 3ppsx6, 3+25x6, 3+35x6
Close Grip Latpulldown : 47x8, 50+x8, 67x6, 77x6, 87x3*, 77+x4*
Meadows Rows : 1ppsx8, 2ppsx6x3
Rack Pull (below knee above ankle) : 135x5, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3
Ez Bar Curl : 25x8, 45,55,65x6
Across Body HC : 25x8, 35x8, 40x6

Kept to below 60g carbs, added EV Coconut Oil to shake. Trying to keep each meal to 50/15/10 (PFC) for at least 5 meals and PF for last meal.

This statement in the Bonez interview on TCA has been in the back of my mind all week “Every time you leave the gym you should feel like you had the best workout of your life. If you didn’t, figure out why. Everyone has their off days but they should be a rare exception.”.

So I’ve just been looking at opportunities in a crowded gym, writing what I do each session and just going for it. I’ve let too much thought get in the way of action.


Pre-exhaust using Pec Deck 3 sets
Smith Incline Press : 135x6,185x5,185x4,155x6x2 - bench definitely not my strong suit
Flat DB Press : 30x8, 50x6, 70x6, 75x6, 80x4, DC stretch using 30
Lateral Raise Mach (kg) : 23x12, 30x10, 36x8, 43x6, 50x6, 57x5
Tricep Rope Pushdown : somexsome with 26+kgx8 at the top
Behind the neck tricep extension with EZ bar : somexsome with 65x6 at the top

Will try DB lateral raise or BTN press next time.
Need a better movement for Triceps, perhaps Dips + Skullcrushers or CGBP + PJR.

5 days leave coming up. Leg day tomorrow.

BF 4 whole eggs + 2 rashers bacon + 1 slice toast
LU Around 200g chicken with serving of rice or mash potatoes (under 30g carbs)
DN Around 200g chicken with 30g rice and 2 tablespoons of oil (olive or EV coconut oil)
SH 2 scoops protein (whey isolate/casein/egg)
I’m trying to add in an extra meal there and change protein source (beef, pork or fish). I’ve tried tuna in the past two days as well. My principle is to eat as much protein from real food as I can manage based on my work and home schedule, limit my carbs and ensure I get all good fats in (even if it means drinking some directly).


Posted sideways will fix next time. Chicken drumstick and Italian marinade chicken


Front Squat : Barx10,95x8,135x6,155x6,185x6,205x4
Back Squat : 205x3x8
Leg Press : 2ppsx10,3ppsx8,4ppsx8,5ppsx6,6ppsx6,3ppsx20
Lying Leg Curl (kg) : 23x8,30x8,36x8,43x8 3 second negative
Leg Ext (kg) : 36x8,43x8,50x8,57x8
Seated Calf Raise : 90x3x8 3 second negative

Weighed in 231 this morning. Was 237 on Dec 6. About 10 days.

Will either to Pull tomorrow or cardio in the morning and Strongman training at night.

Spent last night reading through some old and new T Cell threads, some real good tips to absorb and re-read. Re-reading helps because I’m a different lifter than I was the first time, even 3 months ago.

LOL… dinner is sideways? Cant tell plate is ROUND!

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LOL… dinner is sideways? Cant tell plate is ROUND!


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