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The House/Electronica/Techno MegaThread


because House needs a home.

put your hands up for detroit

let me think about it

Bonde Do Role - Solta O Frango ..idk what this counts as but its catchy as shit

Bonde Do Role - Gasolina (Crookers Remix) hotness

Benny Benassi - I Am Not Drunk - (Pum Kin mix)

Basshunter - Russian Privjet

Basshunter - Dota i guess this is WC 3 reference? i only played it a few times

Discotronic - Tricky Disco

Megara vs Dj Lee - Musical Society

Mr Oizo - Positif ..decent song, boring video

Nazis...Justice remixed by Oizo..hard to tell though theres like 9 different ones.

Standing In The Way of Control - The Gossip x Nite Version




rAZED in bLACK- Out of Control

Dirty Girls make some noise move that ass for dirty boys, dirty boys so obscene like to see the girls extreme

Rise (Angry Vader is in this one)


keep this thread rollin


Great thread, but it needs one rule...no cheese, i.e. Basshunter, Tiesto, etc

The first ever DJ battle in the world.... :slight_smile:


absolute cack....If you aint listening to DnB you better step over


Plasmik - Interswap - Mindpattern (Afrilounge's Deep String Mix)

Drexciya - Black Sea

Derek Howell - It's All Gravy Baby (Faskil Remix)

Freefall - Skydive

Peaches - Downtown (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

Fave at the moment...Joel Mull - Soursweet (Petar Dundov Remix)


i like DnB too. like 90's style. not a huge fan of Dillinja though he has some good stuff.

sorry, i already posted 'cheese'. i think every shitty artist can still produce a few good songs and every good artist still produces shitty ones. its about the music itself not who made it.


and this is what i meant to post in the last slot but forgot to add the link

The Gossip - Stadnding In The Way of Control (Night Version)


Cool, never expected anyone to mention Joel Mull on this site.


that song is so chill

makes me feel like outer space


Chymera...one of my fave producers




Fave - Ellipsis


We gonna roll balls or what?


Sub Focus - X Ray

Sub Focus - Airplane

Telemetrik - My Lightyear

Doc Scott - Machines


Dub Step style

Goth Trad - The Gate

Goth Trad - Space Walk

Itchy Robot - Worries In The Dance

Doc Scott - Machines is one of my favorite DnB tracks too


Absolute classics you need to know.

Orbital - Remind

Speedy J - Ping Pong

Younger Brother - Scanner

Hallucinogen - Horrorgram


this thread needs more energetic songs


There's an old house song I've been looking for for years, but don't know who sings it or what it's called. It's a woman singing"...dananana outside, looking out my window..." She's almost speaking it in a rapid fire delivery. I know that's not alot to work with, but I believe it was really popular when it first came out, which was the late 90's early 2000's I think. If anyone can decipher this code I'd be much obliged.


Quite energetic...

Dustin Zahn - Stranger To Stability (Len Faki Podium Mix)



That was funny as shit!