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The Hour After a Workout...

Looking for some good stuff on this.

Have read a lot on the post work out nutrition, but would be interested in a bit more about the processes the body goes through during recovery. I’d especially like to know about the rise in body temp. and why I sweat like a paedaphile in an orphanage even after standing in a cold shower for ten minutes!

Also the rehydration thing…I remember reading somewhere that hot fluids are absorbed quicker? Like better to drink hot tea than cold water?

Come on at least it’s a different question…

Hot fluids will keep your core temp up longer which may be the reason for your prolonged sweating fests.Over heating after a W/O is not good. I would stay away from this. But on the other hand very cold fluids can lead to cramping which also sucks. I would try to find something that is more cold than warm, but not freezing.

Nutrient timing is a good book.
So is, Optimal muscle recovery.

Ice cold showers after a workout are good.