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The Hound Will Grow

I’ve decided to commit to a weekly blog, not only for training but to also summarise my diet. Recently I’ve added some extras to my training (beyond 5/3/1 and a slingshot) so now its time to get my Diet in order. I’ve always been looking for ‘next big thing’ kind of diets, but now I’m going to track my macronutrients, beginning with 3500 cal, 219 protein, 350 carbs, 136 fats. I will aim to hit this for four to six weeks, before bumping it up by another 250-500cal depending on how I’m acclimatising.

I also need to commit to more mobility work, stretching and agile 8 etc.

Here are my stats right now
27 years, 5 foot 9 inches, 81 Kilograms.
estimated bf about 10%

I’m Following the 5/3/1 pyramid scheme, with the periodization bible accessories, though most times I just do what I feel for those, and use the recordings to see if I’m progressing.

current 1RM’s (not training Max)
127.5 Bench (140 slingshot)
77.5 Military Press (strict) (90kg push press)
190 Deadlift
185/200 Squat (first is IPF depth, second was parallel thighs, but fuck it I consider it a gym 1RM and am proud as hell of it)

warm up sets not included. All weights in KG, so for Poundage just multiply by 2.2 friends
Bracketed numbers represents max reps.

1st week
Press: 5x47.5, 5x52.5, 5x60 (7), 5x52.5, 5x47.5 (12)
Chest: Bench (trying out the slingshot for the first time)
5x80, 5x90, 5x100,5x90, 20x80
Lats: lat pull down
20x45, 15x59, 10x73, 15x66, 20x52
Triceps: rope push-down
20x23, 15x27, 10x32, 15x27, 20x23

TUESDAY: Deadlift
Deadlift: 5x117.5, 5x135, 5x152.5 (10), 5x135, 5x117.5 (10)
Hamstring: seated curl
20x36, 20x32, 20x32, 20x32, 20x32
Quads: leg press
20x115, 20x155, 15x175, 15x155, 20x135
Abs: hanging leg raise (superset with AMRAP db shrugs, did not record)
5x15 reps

WEDNESDAY: Conditioning
10 rounds of 30 sec on, 30 sec off battling rope
Repeat total 5 times

THURSDAY: Bench Press
Bench: 5x77.5, 5x90, 5x100 (8), 5x110 (slingshot), 12x100 (slingshot)
Shoulders: seated DB press
20x12.5, 15x17.5, 10x22.5, 10x25, 10x25
Upper back:seated hammer strength row
20x40, 15x50, 15x60, 15x50, 17x40
Triceps: straight bar pushdown
15x32, 20x27, 25x23, 15x27, 15x32

Squat: 122.5, 140x5 xxxxx Didn’t warm up properly and low back started to go. was pretty annoyed at myself.
Low Back: bodyweight extensions (to loosen up and help prevent further aggravation)
20, 15, 20, 15, 15
Quads: leg press (put a half foam roller as back support but felt fine during)
20x155, 20x175, 15x195, 15x175, 15x155
Abs: ab wheel roll-out

This was the week just gone’s workout, but the start of this cycle. I’m confident that With a committed approach to my diet and proper mobility/stretching I can make some awesome gains going forward.

Jesus…I called it a blog. Might as well give up lifting and do some blogilates now.

Looks like you’re at a 2:1 ratio of pushing to pulling upper body exercise. That’s going to lead to imbalances pretty quickly.

I should have included that I do chin ups in between every benching/pressing set out of habit including warm up sets, I just don’t include them as part of the programmed workout because. Sets are between 12-20 reps, so I usually get about 100 chins per session. Once my bench comes up a bit more I’ll look at programming more pulling in, thanks for the feedback brother.

On that note, Im incorporating band pull apparts into all warm ups and mobility sessions. I have quite a lagging chest/anterior delts compared to my back, but I certainly don’t have a massive back per se.
Thoughts on the chin ups helping balance the pressing?

Im in.


Definitely in.
Definitely a bit humbling to read.

Out if interest, what kind of weight are you right now?

Mostly human weight. Haha nah I weighed myself this afternoon and I was 80.5kg. Since I started this log I’ve hit my macro goal quite easily, but that’s only a couple days now. I want to get to 85kg lean, but I suck at eating, so I just need to man up and eat…stupid problem to have really isn’t it? From what I saw in your log brother you have no reason to feel humbled. Let’s get it man

This is where I’m at, right now.

Side (pumped up, I don’t care I’m no body builder)

Front…some sort of attempt at a forearm pose I guess?

Awkward pose

Vmo please get shredded

[quote]kleinhound wrote:
On that note, Im incorporating band pull apparts into all warm ups and mobility sessions. I have quite a lagging chest/anterior delts compared to my back, but I certainly don’t have a massive back per se.
Thoughts on the chin ups helping balance the pressing? [/quote]

Before my injury I always used to include short sets of pull ups on rings between sets of nearly everything, probably between 50-100 reps per workout. Worked pretty well, although I wouldn’t like to try it on anything other than rings.

Following this for sure

So second week down. Awesome week for diet and training. Hit my Macros and Calories plus some extra (not massive amounts) carbs and protein on a couple days, and it hasn’t been too much of a chore. Have been doing DeFranco’s agile 8 on lower body days and conditioning days, and plenty of face pulls, band pull aparts and external rotation on pressing days.
I think I’m going to make sure my shoulder accessory movement after bench is a Rear Delt fly, so I’m not pressing too much, and I could always use some more rear delt mass anyway to fight off imbalance.
Alpha gave me some simple and effective advice to do my chins before I press, to get some my synovial fluid all warmed up before I press/bench so I’ve only just incorporated that today, but it didn’t seem to affect my pressing but I did feel nice and warm, and my lats felt more engaged before my first set, compared to doing them as a secondary exercise.

OHP: 3x50, 3x57.5, 3x65 (5), 3x57.5, 3x50 (10)
Chest: DB fly + DB press same weight
10x15, 10x17, 10x15, 10x15, 15/20x10 (tried to pump as much blood in on last set of db press…10kg kicked my ass)
Upper Back: Meadows Row
15x40, 6x60, 10x50, 12x40, 20x30
Triceps: rope extension
20x27, 20x23, 20x18, 20x18, 30x18

TUESDAY: Deadlift
3x125, 3x142.5, 3x160 (only pulled 3), 3x142.5, 3x125
Hamstring: Curl
20x23, 20x23, 20x30, 20x36, 20x30
Quads: Extensions
20x30, 20x30, 20x36, 20x43, 20x43
Abs: leg raise superset with seated calf raise
5x15 abs, 5x20 seated raise with 40kg
Didn’t deadlift very well today, decided to pull sumo then changed back to conventional for 3+ set with double overhand and just fucked it up really. Was trying to pull for speed, and first and last sets felt really nice and clean, with good hip drive through the top which was good.

active recovery, just did a bunch of KB swings and band pull apparts/external rotation and some interval jogging with my girlfriend. Also did the agile 8.

3x82.5, 3x95, 3x107.5 (4), 3x95, 3x82.5 (15)
Shoulders: seated press
20x17.5, 18x17.5, 15x15, 16x15, 18x15
Lats: Close Grip Pulldown
20x52, 20x59, 15x66, 20x59, Dropset of 14x73 > 8x59 > 10x45
Triceps: rope
20x23, 20x23, 15x23, 16x23, 18x23

Up and down day, heavy bench set was shit, but final set was a rep PR for me, especially as a fifth set. Pulldowns felt great but
triceps felt shit, probably fatigued from bench and press maybe.

FRIDAY: Squats (no belt of knee wraps today, usually I use a belt one I’m warmed up)
3x130, 3x150, 3x167.5 (just did three good reps), 3x150, 3x130 (10)
Low Back/Hams: Cable pullthrough
12x36, 15x36, 15x36, 15x36, 15x36
Abs: Leg Raise

Realised once I’d left that I didn’t do any quad assistance, but I don’t really mind because I squatted so no biggy. First time doing cable pull throughs and shit they felt nice. I feel like they reinforce the importance of a strong push of the hips to lock out the deadlift, but I also may not have a clue what I’m talking about haha!

Saturday: Bench accessory
Slingshot bench with pause
5x5 with 100
DB Rear delt fly superset with DB chest fly
3x12 with 7kg and 17.5kg respectively

Nothing crazy today, just moving some weight around with lots of foam rolling

That’s a nice week’s training. Few things there I never do that got me thinking a bit for when I’m out of ideas for assistance. Just out of interest, how wide is your squat?

Hey Mark. Wider than shoulder width, but I find I tend to Squat with the bar a bit higher and closer stance when I Squat without a belt, vs when I wear a belt. I think it’s because I find itneasier to get tighter during low bar with a belt, but easier high bar without. Probably need some coaching on the cues and even that out. I’ll video some squats from the front and see

177.5kg skwaat. About 90% max, did one more at 185 which was ugly as sin.

well…I tried to upload a video on that last post but It obviously didn’t work. Swell.

Third Week.
Started out shit, hungover from sunday so I didn’t train monday, had to work all day/afternoon tuesday so I combined them into one and Just did the main lifts 2 accessories. Thursday and Friday were much better sessions, but I started getting sick friday night, today I am shithouse haha. Full blown man flu, but just medicated out of my mind and in bed drinking gallons of water so that I’m good to go on Monday.

Side note: Dropping my accessory sets from 5 back to 3. I noticed that I’ve just been feeling more banged up and my big lifts are being affected, so I need to keep the goal the goal. I might look at rewarding myself with a 6 to 8 week hypertrophy cycle once I can total over 500 Kgs consistently. My 1RM’s would give me a 517 total, but they were done on separate days over two weeks so it doesnt really count.

DAY 1/2 bastardisation: Military press/Deadlift
Military Press
5x52.5, 3x60, 1x67,5 (2), 1x70 (joker), 10x52.5
5x135, 3x152.5, 1x170, 1x180 (joker), 1x185 (joker)
Chin ups
100x total
DB bench
3x12 with 37.5

DAY 3: Bench
5x90, 3x100, 1x112.5, 1x117.5 (joker), 1x120 (failed), 3x100
Shoulders: leaning lateral raise (strict)
15x9, 15x9, 15x9
Upper Back: seated cable row
20x61.3, 20x61.3, 20x61.3
Triceps: bar pushdown
20x20.3, 20x25.5, 20x27

DAY 4: Squat
5x140, 3x157.5, 1x177.5, 1x185 (joker), 7x140
Low Back: hyperextension
3x15 bodyweight
Quads: extension
20x36, 20x36, 20x36
Abs: wheel rollout

Diet has been good (read: hit macros and above…not necessarily ‘clean’) and sleeping patterns have been better this week. Today is shit because I have no appetite but I’m just trying to slam down what I can plus a couple protein shakes.
I’ll try and upload a video again because I’d love some feedback.