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The Hot Sauce Thread


Inspired by a comic on TheOatmeal.com...I bring you the Hot Sauce Thread!

Featured in the previously mentioned comic was this god sent little bottle...

I probably eat Sriracha every day, on everything. It's amazing. Right now and at any given time I have about 5-6 different kinds of hot sauce in my fridge.

So what are your favorites?


Buffalo Sauce is one of my favs


As well as the buffalo chipotle


I'm not a huge fan of sriracha generally. I found an economy size bottle (tub is more like it) of Frank's Red Hot at wal-mart. I am officially in heaven. Best thing in the world: canned chicken, cream cheese, a little bbq sauce, and a lot of franks. It's this buffalo chicken dip that just... oh man, i'm hungry just thinking about it.

For baked potatoes, I like 100% Pain.

There's a salsa (not a hot sauce, but still) called Tat's that uses the ghost chili- that stuff is incredible- http://www.tatsoriginal.com/products.html the one at the bottom.


Shit, that's the wrong chipotle bottle. There's a hot version of it that I like.

But yeah, overall, the rooster sauce is the best when it comes to getting hot in a hurry. Can't understand why people like using hot mustard or horse radish or wasabi when they can use the Rooster.


Sriracha, sambal olek, jamaican scotch bonnet pepper sauce....so many delicious hot sauces out there. A+ thread.


I just don't understand the sudden and immense popularity of Franks Red Hot. I mean yeah, it's tasty, cheap and easy to find but it's nothing special. If I had to choose an absolute favorite, I would be inclined to go with D.L. Jardine's Texas Kicker. This hot sauce is ridiculous. It's the perfect balance of heat and flavor. If you find it, buy multiple bottles. If you can't find it, order it.


I've also got this Dave's Insanity hot sauce thats made with the Ghost Chili. The bottle says to use ONE DROP per ONE GALLON of sauce. It's seriously hot, like not even enjoyable. My mother used it to clean her stove with once. True story.


"Can't Eat Without The Pete"

I think I went on like a 5 year exclusive binge with Texas Pete. That's when I found Texas Kicker. I haven't had Pete since. I gotta pick some up.


I'm not into the sauces that are so damn hot you can't even touch the bottle, but when I'm eating the same boring and bland foods every day, I like Frank's Red Hot Wing Sauce, and the Tabasco Chipotle varierty to spice things up.





x3 for texas pete


Make yourself some Chipotle Mayo.

Stuff is money.


ohhhh texas pete is tastey as well


I personally love wasabi mayo on stuff like chicken.


How do you make it? Just mix wasabi and mayo?

I make chipotle mayo it's pretty simple:

In a food processor I add:

-Chipotles grinded up real well by themselves
-then olive oil mayo
-White vinegar


what's also great, is the addition of white vinegar and whipping the mayo in the food processor adds substantially more product than what came in the bottle of mayo.


I don't make it. I just buy it at the store. Kroger and Publix carry it here.


Sambal Oelek.


What is this? And I don't mean "it's hot sauce..."

I like Buffalo Chipotle. I prefer that or Cholula Chipotle.

I like flavor with a bit of heat, not heat for the sake of heat, but I used to love it. Rooster sauce is great but I want to check out Texas Pete or Kicker now.