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The Honeymoon Phase

Just a quick question on the honeymoon phase…Everyone and myself included felt amazing in this stage is this just because we are on steroid cycle levels in that time? We would all love to stay in that phase just curious if thats the only reason it happens

It’s more because you are introducing exogenous test and that is adding to your natural production. It takes 3-4 weeks for your natural test production to shut down.

It’s after this “honeymoon “ period that your serum levels start to stabilize to the exogenous test only.

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I understand that, My question is at what levels would we need to be at to live in that phase, I assume Steroid territory

Oh ok I think I get what you’re asking now. Sorry about that.

I assume you would have had to taken blood tests to determine whatever your FreeT, Total T, and E2 was in that specific period where you felt that euphoria, and then try to dial in a protocol to replicate that.

Even then, I think that it would still “wear off”. I think the initial rush is really coming from the change in level itself (going from a deficit to a surplus), not the actual level.

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There are guys that have chased their tails trying to live in this honeymoon phase, its futile.

Yeah I think its relative. The fact that you are going from such a low point to a high point feels great.

I’m definitely not going to chase it was just curious of the science so to say, Seems that would be the ultimate goal but I am already feeling better than pre TRT

I’m in week 12 and not sure what’s I’m feeling anymore. It’s almost neutral. Not feeling anything bad, or good. Is this normal? Only things that’s noticeable is the pumps at the gym are looking pretty good. But no raging libido, morning wood here and there. No high or low estrogen symptoms. Almost like I’m not taking anything (protocol 100mg TE once weekly, no AI, no HCG). Just started adding DIM just for the hell of it to see what it would do.

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That’s why, if your levels are swinging you can expect intermittent erections because levels aren’t high enough long enough.

Respectfully, I preach this everyday and it falls on deaf ears.

I hear you, but frequent injections are meant for guys with low SHGB no? I’m getting blood work this week and we will see how things look.

More frequent injection is for those whose levels are fluctuating or are experiencing intermittent relief, SHBG isn’t the only determining factor, rate of metabolism of testosterone and hitting that natural biorhythm.

The hormone profiles looks completely different when injecting EOD v.s twice weekly. The peaks and troughs are smaller and steadier on more frequent injections, therefore testosterone spends more time at the top.

If my levels decrease too much, I get symptoms like you’re describing.

So if doing 80 twice a week than 20 EOD would match that but that will bring the levels up higher due to the more frequent injections right?

The peaks will be shorter and will not decrease much before peaking again, twice weekly would produce longer curve.

Blood work doesn’t show these peaks and troughs, it would be pure luck to not see a fluctuation.

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80x2 = 160 (“twice a week”}

20 EOD is 20+20+20+20 = 80


EDIT Oh, you mean 40mg twice a week, which equals 80mg total?

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Correct I didn’t explain that well enough, Thank you

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