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The Home Stretch


Who here is finishing up their semester ? Having trouble finding the motivation for that last push?

I'm taking the next semester off and spending it living in Whistler skiing ( not to brag or anything....) and the thought of this is totally messing with my ability to get through this last little bit. This is saying something to as this semester I have a cumulative average of 85% + ....

2 more weeks....


I have 3 exams left. Psychology and two stats classes. Easy peasy. No time off second semester. Looking forward to Xmas holidays that's for sure.


All I have are papers 1 26er and 2 12 to 15ers

Mostly done. We've been working on them all semester

Two group presentations

No exams


Don't worry, this is predominantly an American message board. There isn't much Canadia can offer to jelly our emotional toast, even assuming we could somehow manage to finagle enough time and money away from our Humvees, large guns, Magnum condoms, legitimate sports and overall global awesomeness to get our hands on enough tampons and tutu's necessary to survive a skiing expedition.

Just playin'. I love Canada. Without America's hat, we'd be in very real danger of being the first country hit by the arctic penguin uprising that is long overdue. And we're much too obese to survive the laughing fit that would result from those tuxedo-clad animals scampering all "aboot".

I am very much looking forward to the winter break. One of my professors needs to speak with me and another student next Monday regarding... similarities... between an extra credit question on our take home exams (general note: if you're gonna help a bitch out, review her fooking answer to make sure it's different enough from yours to allow plausible deniability). Doesn't help that the rest of the class is so brain dead that any answer that isn't written in feces and crayons is a red flag, but I guess that's what I get for being a sucker for a pretty face... and an eternal optimist for potential anal play.

I will be very much relieved once that awkward meeting is over, regardless of the outcome.


I'm finishing up my semester as well, finals are next week. One of my final exams is on friday, so i'm preparing to kick it's metaphoric ass.

Music helps alot, some good beats and relaxation music is awesome.

Stuff like:

And for the relaxation stuff:


Music you can zone out to and get your study on with is abso-fucking-lutely what's up. Looping this particular track puts my ADHD brain on cruise control and allows me to either fall asleep or handle my business pretty much without fail.


I'm here too. I've got 4 finals to go, first one is on Saturday. I'm frankly underprepared in all of them because this semester was incredibly grueling for me. Trying to dig deep and close out strong. I'm having a slight motivational dilemma though, because I doubt that my grades will matter that much, and I'm not sure why I'm putting myself through hell.


Physics, Chemistry, and Biology starting Friday.


Yeah, first semester of vet school, have exams all next week. Monday-Immunology, Tuesday- Histology and Radiology, Wednesday-Physiology and Accounting, Thursday- Gross Anatomy. This week has sucks trying to get somewhat prepped and next week is going to suck trying to get through it all.


I don't know what that equates to in Canada, but here in the states that's only a B. Why don't you grind it out hard for these last two weeks and shoot for an A?

You'll have a huge break after that anyways. I think it's worth the sacrifice for sure.



I finished all my papers, but I have to translate a bunch of them from english to sign lanaguage and do a few presintations/lectures in front of the class, so that's stressful.
Only one exam though!!

I know no one cares cause no one really knows me, but I am excited, ha-ha.


I sense you have a vagina so I will pretend to care...


Hi SpockiGurl - never mind the pic I posted....


My new decision:

Goddamnit, that's supposed to start at 1 minute 3 seconds. Damn you T-Nation embedding.


Eeek I graduate in 8 days, but the UW System got changed because Scott Walker is a "genius" and I have to take finals the week after I graduate. The final push is a bitch!



in that order starting tomorrow