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The Home Dojo

I just finished up building my home dojo today. I was able to pick up some Zebra Mats from a dojo that closed, and that got the ball rolling. The ceiling is low, so I wont be doing any throwing judo, but I can uchikomi or grapple all I want.

Stop by, and bring your gi!

cool, looks nice!

I’m jealous.
Congratulations, pal!

Very very nice, I must admit I’m jealous as hell, you lucky bastard!

I’ve had dreams of setting up a home gym for a while.
Unfortunately the house we just bought doesn’t have room for it. However my judo club has just moved to a new venue, and bought all new mats, so that is some comfort.

[quote]FirestormWarrior wrote:
I’m jealous.
Congratulations, pal![/quote]



Way to go, Borrek.