The Holster Thread

What do you like? Styles? Brands? IWB, OWB, chest, shoulder, ankle, pocket, belly, concealed carry, competition, hunting, etc.

Dani has a new JM Custom Kydex for her H&K VP9L. Hard to find a ready-made holster for that gun. Took a while to get it, but it’s a really nice holster so far.


Nice way to organize holsters!


I like to keep a few Sticky holsters handy. These are NOT my EDC choice, there are drawbacks, but they’re great for a quick stuff 'n go, like when your dog needs to pee at 2AM. Also nice for transporting a firearm in a backpack.

They work surprisingly well. Draw and the holster stays put, even with drawstring sweatpants. Looks like Sticky is making them optics ready now too.


I really like JM Custom Kydex. I have a couple of Philster holsters that are well made and well designed, but I haven’t used them for more than range use. These days, due to the complications of young children, I only pocket carry a J-Frame.

For pocket carry I would highly recommend Mika’s pocket holsters. Well made, great price, great customer service (he made me a custom product at no extra charge) and doesn’t come out of the pocket on a draw the way other pocket holsters have come out on me.

When I carried an HK P2000, I had a nice AIWB holster from Raven Concealment. I have also bought used Don Hume leather holsters on fleabay that were great for the range or walking around the woods.


Forgot about the amazing smell of fresh gun leather. Kydex is great, but there’s something nostalgic about leather.

Picked up this holster from Galco, mainly for hiking in bear country. Firearm is a S&W Governor, 45 Colt for critters.

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L.A.G. Tactical makes some pretty good stuff. I like this one because you can flip the clip for inside or outside the waist carry. Optics ready too, and you can adjust the tilt and tension.

Gun: Sig 365XL

Recently got an Orpaz holster and for the price, I’ve been satisfied. Primarily for hunting/hiking. I like the active retention for when I’m climbing over logs or rocks.

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A new but old-school Galco OWB in leather.

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Dani bought me one of the new minimalist holsters that seem to be all the rage. This is the Techna Carry. I’ll try it out and report back. A few pics (Dani is a cuter model than me.)

Okay, after a week a carrying, I’d say the Techna Carry “holster” is pretty awesome.


My wife’s setup is officially much cooler than mine now:

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