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The Holocaust


A poster has just started a thread in which he posts an hour long holocaust denial documentary. Statements are repeated by the video's maker including that there were no gassings at Dachau. These statements appear to be made in ignorance so to set the record straight.

Attached is a picture of the block X gas chamber at Dachau.

Also, a video interview with Himmler's adjutant and another SS officer who describes how he saw Zyklon B pellets dumped into the chambers and thousands of naked people, mostly women, children and the elderly gassed then their corpses disentangled by Sondercommando prisoners and burned. In other camps carbon monoxide was used from exhaust fumes and mass shootings had been going on since the beginning of the war.

The video also shows warehouses full of human hair, spectacles, clothing, artificial limbs and gold teeth that were taken from the victims as well as piles of dead and ashes beside crematorium ovens.

Just thought people who don't know anything about it should be aware that the holocaust DID actually happen despite what Ahmadinejad, the KKK and others say.



I'm not arguing it didn't happen. I'm discussing what's being said in the video.

U mad?


You said:

'Many American soldiers speak of gassing at the Dachau camp even though gassing did not take place at that camp'

You put forward David Coles' 'theories' and defended them. After being told that David Coles retracted all his 'theories', apologised and expressed remorse and contrition for his 'hate inspired' lies, you then claimed that he only did this due to fear of a JDL 'death threat'.

Now if you're seriously interested watch the video above for starters.


I'm repeating what he said in the video. You know for discussion.

Did you miss the part where I wrote "A couple of things he says in the video and in interviews" or I started the paragraph with "He asserts" ?


My grandfather operated the cannon on a tank in Pattons 3rd Armored Division. His and a few other tanks were the first on site to two concentration camps, no one knew this until he died and made his war journal available.

The descriptions of the camps were absolutely disgusting. The ditches full of bodies, emaciated living prisoners, smoke stacks....

I believe my grandfather. Especially since he made private notes in a private journal as an early 20 something with nothing to gain from it.

I don't think any body can legitimately disagree that the holocaust happened though. There is physical evidence to be seen still today. Just buy a plane ticket and look for yourself.


Listen, it's a touchy subject for obvious reasons but the main one is that it's indisputable that the holocaust occurred and holocaust denial is used by anti-Semites(Islamists/neo-Nazis etc) as propaganda. The holocaust was such an outrage against human decency that holocaust denial is rightly illegal in many European countries as is denial of other genocides. I would imagine that it offends and upsets many Jewish people to hear holocaust denial/revisionism all the time.


Fair enough. Again, I just thought it was an interesting video and wanted to discuss what they were presenting.

I've PMed the mods to remove the Holocaust threads. I dunno if they'll do it.


Fair enough. You should be able to discuss whatever you want. I was just responding also.


Obviously, it DID happen. Unfortunately, the Holocaust has been, asnd is being used by Jews worldwide to justify occupying a country and deflecting any and all criticizm of their actions.

Sexmachine, you are always the first guy to jump to the defense of any jewish thread, as well as the first to jump on an anti-muslim thread. WHY???


1) I see bad things happening in the world and in my country and I feel obligated to speak out against them. The boycotting/picketing/targeting of stores connected with Israel reminds me of kristallnacht and the atrocities, terror, blood libels, and propaganda remind me of Nazi Germany.


'Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past' - George Orwell

History and truth are important to me.

2) I'm not anti-Muslim. I'm anti-Jihadist and I say mainstream Islam needs reform. Anyway, plenty of other threads to discuss that on.


Personally, I'd be pretty embarrassed. I hope you are still a teenager. In starting that "discussion" you are (purposefully or not) being a tool of racists.


Nope - it's the Internet. You must be easily embarrassed.