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The Hog


I've spent the better part of the last year working on ideas for a horror movie.
Now I have TONS of ideas and basically no budget.
I went back a thought about what I could do with a little over $1000..
$1000 and add 7 friends/family members.

Okay... Now a cheap idea. I did that too.

Realizing, I don't have enough money for a long movie I opted to go for "horror shorts"..

Then the idea of The Hog happened.

It's your basic Jason or Freddy...but a cannibalistic, serial killer, who wears a pig mask.

I wrote it, we filmed it.

I'm currently working on press for it as we edit our (at most) 10 minute movie.

It's really exciting, dreadcentral.com did an article on us and next month mrfrights.com is basically devoting a month to us.

47 followers on twitter.
47 on myspace.

94 fans for something that no one has seen yet.

I'm really considering doing this horror thing for a living.

This is our first rodeo, so, it may not be Oscar worthy. It was way fun though and I'll learn as I go.


So.....you didn't ask a question or give us a link to watch it.


Good luck.


I was just really...talking about it, West Coast.

Thanks for the well wishes DJHT.

The movie is still being edited. The picture above is a glimpse of The Hog. Like a sneak peek.

If you're interested and wanna keep up to date with it...




Tits or gtfo...


Listen, Superfly, he posted a picture (?) of The Hog: a canibalistic cereal killer ... that's better than ti...no no it's not.

Sorry BBG, I gotta second what Superfly here said and say Tits or gtfo

But I would like to hear more about your movie .. and good luck with it .. very interesting .. but none the less .. togtfo


Well! I have blonde chicks with big tits in the movie... so.. hah!

It's real basic:

Three friends go out to an old abandoned trailer to keep themselves entertained with a cheap scare.
The trailer has an old urban legend surrounding it, The Hog, a serial killing psychopath lives there! He kills and eats his victims.

The two girls believe their male friend is just trying to get in their pants. He's a firm believer in "scared bitches, means horny bitches"

...The trio soon learn that The Hog is not a myth, but something that's very real and very deadly.


Seriously I was jk lol. I'm actually gonna check it out.


Oh, SickAbs, I figured you were joking dude. No worries.

Lots of bloooooood!


Good luck with it. When is it likely to be finished?


I'd like to think editing will be done early next week... then some minor paper work.

I'm shooting for a mid-june release date, but I'm hoping for earlier.


Here it is! Completed... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMhvFfwD9d0

Go ahead and tell me what you think guys! Constructive criticism is appreciated.
I'm just the writer though! haha.


The Good: Seems good enough, I'd watch it.

The Bad: I can't fap to it, at least not that part. There needs to be gratutious tits/pussy in there so I can take a jerk-break. Not just a flash either, extended periods of naked women doing sexy/slutty shit. You know what, just make a porno instead.


Advanced TS, thanks for the good..

as for the bad... well.. er..


Don't worry, I fapped.


It needs more naked wimmenz.


I agree! more noodz... wait.. I made this. Damnit. I had control!

Really cool quote about The Hog: Travis Betz, Director of "LO" - "Good use of tone. Slow build into bloody finale. A sprinkle of Motel Hell can never hurt!"


I thought the music added a lot to the drama....could have used it more often/sooner.

I know it was a 7 min film...


JGerman, that's what I'm looking for man.. input! awesome.

We've got another one coming up this weekend, we start filming and I'll be sure that we add more music through out it a little more often.

this one is a 3 minute by request so it'll be a bit harder but I like challenges!


Not a bad attempt for a short film. I am guessing this was your first one. I think you could have made a bit more of the ending when the Hog came out and attacked them, it seemed to be over a bit too fast, but overall a decent effort.