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The Hitler Obsession


You know, I figured I would bring this up because it has popped up in my head from time to time, and has been more so lately because with the presidential debates going on, I am hearing more and more references to him. Actually, this happens every time there is something of political importance going on.

What I refer are lines of shit like:
“He sounds like Hitler.”
“He is like Hitler.”

What’s comical is when bigoted and ignorant people, in their attempts to buffalo opposition, say shit like, “Hitler and the Nazis were socialists,” in order to, what I believe, is to imply that if we let liberals have democrats have their way, the United States will turn into a hotbed of barbed wire and terror (well, actually it might happen one day, who knows).

There’s even one blogger who referred to Hitler and the Nazis as Socialist liberals because of their universalized healthcare, “work for everyone”, anti-abortion, and supposed restrictive gun control.

Really, socialist liberals? Even on another bodybuilding forum, some schmucks referred to the Nazis as “democratic socialists.”

Now, pardon me if I am indeed ignorant myself, but I have absolutely no damn clue what is democratic or liberal about a dictatorship; a race-based organization such as the SS with a rigid hierarchy and the qualification of 100% white ancestry going back 250 years; eugenics practices; the detainment and forced labor of non-European people, particularly my own people, Jews, or anyone considered sexually deviant, communist, or whatever; the banning of pornographic or Marxist literature; and so on.

Others will also point out how Hitler was so similar to Stalin. He was not–not in the slightest! I have no idea why there have been entire commentaries about this supposed similarity.

Yes, Hitler was elected democratically, but bashing the brains out of communists’ heads (what actually happened to Rosa Luxembourg) before his election on the streets and murdering anyone who was seen as fit to be murdered (eg, Night of Long Knives) doesn’t sound democratic or diplomatic to me. Does it to you?

Being no admirer of Hitler myself, mainly because of my ethnicity (Jewish), I still find these desperate, illogical, goofy, and infantile attempts to appear well-versed on Third Reich history to be just that: desperate, infantile, goofy, and illogical. At least if you are going to express your dismay for liberal or democratic policies, at least get perspective and facts straight.

And actually, from what I know, the Nazis REMOVED restrictive gun laws and the Allies were astonished by how many Germans owned guns and fencing swords at the end of the war. Fencing was outlawed prior to the Nazis and they legalized it. Actually, they encouraged martial arts and gun ownership.

Then there are the Hitler lines upon Hitler lines.
“He was really gay.”
“He was part Jewish.”
“Hitler had distant African ancestry.”
"Hitler was a vegetarian."
My all time favorite: “S/he/you sound like Hitler.”
“He was gonna get rid of all the Slavs eventually too.”
“This guy’s worse than Hitler.”

Well, I suppose anyone who wears a cardigan, has a mustache, has a dog, or draws and paints is like Hitler too.

Did anyone ever read excerpts in which he spoke of his detesting democracy?

I remember there was a time when people were saying Obama is like Hitler!

What do you say? Will there ever be one week in which I do not have to hear about this guy or see his face on a TV screen?


I think it’s just a matter of convenience and a general lack of knowledge really. When you disagree with someone because you think they’re wrong or evil it’s just easier to say he/she is like Hitler because everyone knows who that is as opposed to naming a more obscure reference that might be more appropriate.

For example, I like to discuss economics, but, generally speaking, if I bring up Hayek or Schumpeter most people haven’t a clue who they are. So I will usually just reference Adam Smith.

You’ve gotta remember, a lot of people are pretty fucking stupid. I just read online yesterday a guy, completely serious by the way, say he’d vote for Hitler if he ran on the Democratic ticket before voting for the current crop of Republicans. He’s obviously a complete moron. That;s the nature of the internet. Everyone, no matter how dumb, has a voice.


More often than not it is a logical fallacy thrown out by people who are too stupid or lazy to construct an original thought.


Yeah, it’s usually intellectual laziness. But there’s also the compulsive talk about him. Hitler this, Hitler that. Not to mention a new show every other week about him. Then there’s the famous internut question: Who was worse, Stalin or Hitler?


The interesting thing about Hitler is how commonly he’s used as an insult by people from the entire spectrum of political leanings. Bush is Hitler. Obama is Hitler. Now apparently Trump and Sanders are being compared to Hitler. It’s been going on for so long I’m surprised there hasn’t been a backlash to it yet. The term fascist gets thrown around inappropriately too much as well.

As far as the OP – well the Nazis did adhere to a brand of socialism. I agree that it’s ignorant to equate what Sanders is promoting to national socialism. It’s unfair and a repugnant practice. Hitler wasn’t evil for being a socialist, he was evil b/c national socialism specifically promoted genocide and the obsession with ubermensch.

Honestly it’s poor marketing from liberal progressives to refer to themselves as socialists b/c it’s an easy target. Sometimes it’s best to just give something up even if it’s not fair. Like Adolph isn’t inherently a bad name but you can’t name your son Adolph and expect it to go well.


Try having a civil and neutral conversation about the refugee situation in Europe or mass immigration in general and boom, you activated the now-your-mortal-enemy’s Hitler trapcard. Forfeit all your cards immediately and admit your loss for you are now automatically a far-right extremist.


This is true to a degree but referencing Hitler out of convenience is much more insidious than referencing Adam Smith. I think when random people do it, it’s more realistic to think they’re just being lazy. But when people in media with influence start to do it, they know damn well they’re intending to assault someone’s character by shamelessly evoking all the bad emotions people feel when they hear “Hitler”.


Ya, I agree. There are some pretty intellectually lazy people in the media too, though.


From my understanding the basis of Nazi socialism was a sense of duty to the white race. And yes, there were policies that today we would think of as “socialist” in a political or economic sense. For example: universal healthcare, financial incentives for having babies (though my knowledge tells me that a loan for this was only completely honored if a couple had four kids, and not every German Tom, Dick, and Harry would qualify for this), and free higher education (if someone made the cut).

There was not a communist economy. It was free enterprise and entrepreneurial and people had private property.

I believe the ubermensch thing is blown out of proportion too. Sure there was some preference for a Nordic ideal look and for high degree of health and fitness, but they were not mistreating Germans who did not look like Dolph Lungren. Some Germans are short, brown haired, brown eyed, or maybe even sloppy, like every other white nationality.

If one refers to ubermensch obsession in regards to eugenics, then the person is right. There was an attempt to get burdensome people not to reproduce (eg, handicapped people, terminally criminal or addicted, and so on).

My granddad’s name was Adolph. He went by George. :slightly_smiling:

I’ve had civil talks with senior citizens who grew up in NS Germany (they knew I was Jewish) and much of what they say is in direct opposition to what is stated.


Yea, some topics apparently have become so loaded you can’t even discuss them. Immediately have an insult thrown at you and shut down the conversation. And people wonder why this country has gotten so damned polarized. We can’t even have frank discussions anymore. NOBODY wants to be accused of being Hitler, a racist, a misogynist, etc. So people stay quiet and brood and it becomes a black and white world. With us or against us, no discussion allowed.

This is even more true in real life. It’s bad enough being insulted anonymously online. Nobody wants their good name assaulted publicly so a lot of topics are just never discussed. Someone compares you to Hitler/racist/misogynist in public and you might as well call it a day b/c nothing you say in response is going to save you from all the stink eyes you’ll get from others.


It’s even worse than that in Finland. Here you can’t even open your mouth about the subject without being given a choice, support all-out open border policy or be a racist far-right extremist. To a lot of idiots there is no in between and that kind of black and white thinking makes me sick.


Aren’t you guys like 98% Finn?


Aye, but it’s the left-wing Finns who mouth off to others like that. And of course there are also those who are actually racist. I can’t stand either extremes.


And aren’t you glad you aren’t Adolph BrickHead III? :wink:

I’m on board with what you’re saying.

I think the Hitler accusation phenomena is somewhat dangerous b/c it minimizes what Hitler did and represented as well as trivializes the threat of present and future supremacist movements. There really aren’t many serious and organized supremacist movements in the US but that could change in the future, and it certainly is an issue to monitor in Europe. If the public is constantly being told Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are equivalent to Hitler then people are more likely to sleep on movements like Golden Dawn.


Most Americans do not even know about Golden Dawn. They have a small branch/office here in Astoria, Queens, actually.


If the holocaust just didn’t happen, how would Hitler rank among leaders? I honestly don’t know many details but assume we would have still had a war with him trying to conquer europe.


I am not a historian but I believe for an ordinary guy I know quite a bit, I believe.

Yes, there would have been a war if it were not for the holocaust considering the war started not because of the presence of Jews at all! Hitler invaded Poland because of Polish aggression (another little inconvenient fact that my history teachers left out). Danzig became Polish territory at the end of WWI and the Germans left there were being persecuted by the Poles. They were herded into a crappy refugee camps and mistreated in other ways.

Hitler pleaded over and over with Poland and wrote to the League of Nations about the issue and for Danzig to be a German city again. Polish politicians showed little respect and insulted him and had chosen for no sort of diplomacy. And then the final straw came with the Bromberg massacre in which several hundred or thousand (whomever you believe) Germans were murdered by nationalistic Poles.

There would have still been a war considering the Soviet Union’s expansionist aims (which were carried out). Stalin and his henchmen wanted to and DID spread communism and enslaved, murdered, and worked to death 50 million people! His right hangman Lazar Kaganovic ordered the deaths of seven million Ukrainians. (Hence so many Ukrainians joined the SS). If the Germans had not conquered what they did, communism would have spread even further, likely to the point that all of Europe was a communist dungeon and murder factory.

Greece, Serbia, and other parts of Southern Europe were invaded because of Allied build-up troops there–no other reason given to me that make sense. Hence why Serbia and Greece turned pro-Axis for some time with pro-Nazi leaders like Milan Nedic.

I think people really tend to overlook or simply do not know the amount of damage Stalin and the communists did to Europe. They sent millions of Europeans to death. The torture, abuse, killing, overwork and humiliation I know of is unimaginable to sane people. And the rape they did to innocent women at the end of the war is abominable. They sent Latvians, Italians, Balts, Germans, Poles, Ukrainians, and so on, all the way up to Siberia to work, starve, and die. They killed 25,000 Poles in the Katyn Forest. Just, the list goes on and on.

Order the film Katyn from Netflix to get a taste of some of this. There’s also a free e-book online with gruesome photos called Latvia: Year of Horror.

I can go on with what I’ve learned but it gets lengthy.


I just had to read up on that. Secret societies are endlessly fascinating to me.
Is there a connection between Hitler an the original Golden Dawn?


Do you mean the political party Golden Dawn? I think there is also a secret society with the same name. I don’t think there is a direct connection between the Greek political party, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were pro-Nazi Greek collaborators in its history from a long time ago, when it started in the 70s or early 80s.


I was looking up the secret society. I thought that you were alluding to the mysticism of Hitler and the third reich.