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The Hills Have Eyes Review


Hills is something we haven't seen in a long time:

A bloodbath with a good script. A damn good script. I'm serious.

1st act has your usual mood setting but also some good characterization.

It's incredibly violent, of course. And has your usual "scare" moments when the soundtrack suddenly spikes. But it isn't as bad as with other movies (The Grudge, etc.)

Here's where it gets interesting. I actually started to care about the characters. I was actually rooting for someone. I can honestly count the number of times this has happened to me with a movie on one hand.

So go see this movie. If you've got kids, bring them too. They need to be desensitized at some point.


Seriously? A good script? that's the last thing i thought as i watched the preview. But if it's this highly recommended, i suppose i must take a gander. It's not just the usual "wow, look at the freak chase that guy/girl around with some kind of farming tool" that the Texas Chainsaw Masacre was? (I now feel hypocritical, because i love that movie)but you've now got me intrigued.


Don't get me wrong. That's actually exactly what it is. It's just done really well.
I was bored to death watching the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but for this movie I was really into it.


Damn, am I the only man on the planet who enjoyed the remake of the TCM? Oh well, i'm use to being the outcast. Anyway, you've definitely got me intrigued about this movie, and i'll probably see it tomorrow. Now, i'm putting faith in you and in the Nation on this; if it sucks, i will have to think of something evil and mean-spirited to do to someone else, since i can't really do it to you.


You're not alone. I liked it as well. I didn't like it as much as I liked Dawn of The Dead (which is possibly my favorite of any of the newer horror movie and remakes), but it was a decent attempt. I think people are quick to mouth off how much a movie sucks when the truth is, very few "horror movies" are actually going to scare anyone as if it were 1979-1981.

Amittyville remake sucked. TCM wasn't that bad.


Dawn of the Dead was the best horroer movie I've seen since....goid only knows when


I have seen that shit at least a good six times or more. I like to stop the movie right after they get on the boat. That way, everybody lives.


I never saw that movie, although I did see shaun of the dead and that shit was funny.

I saw amityville in the middle of the day with my girlfriend and we were the only ones in the theatre and I still didnt think it was scary, or good, for that matter.

Texas chainsaw massacre on the other hand, I liked alot. I do think it is pretty scary, and you cant really go wrong with jessica beil.


I bought Dawn of the Dead as a Christmas present for myself last year. Nothing saying Christmas Spirit like the Zombie Apocolypse.

I also unfortuately saw Day of the Dead with Dennis Hopper. Worst. Movie. Ever.


I'm gonna wait when they put Hills on DVD with the 2 mins they had to cut for the R rating. I can't wait for the Texas Chainsaw prequel. That should be interesting.


Thats the reason I dislike most horror movies.

...'cause if I was there, U know I'd kick everyone's ass with a little common sense.


I purchased the original last week, in anticipation of the new one just released. I watched them both within days of eachother.
This was a very well made remake. The script in parts is identical to the original, but there are some minor changes.
The new one did a lot better of a job at explaining what was going on, and portraying the mutants as mutants. The original mutants didn't look that different from people I see at a late night trip to Wal-Mart.
I can't say that either of these were great movies. But, take them for what they are- a blood and guts horror film, and it gets pretty good marks in my book.

By the way, I remember reading about a Scottish clan in the 1600s. The clan was outcast from society and sent to live in the hills. They made their keep through banditry and cannibalism. I have to wonder if this true story was the inspiration of these movies.


I like your taste in horror movies big man.
Im a huge horror mark,i watch the sumbitches near midnight to get the full effect,cant watch them during the day ,blows the whole experience for me.

TCM one of my all time favourites.

Dawn of the dead- more funny than scary.

28 days later- favourite zombie movie of all time :smiley: when the car alarm goes off at the start of the movie i nearly shit my pants.

The Grudge- i stand by this as saying it the scariest movie i have ever seen.

The Ring-another great movie,the second one sucked though HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT.

Freddy v Jason - gets bagged by a lot of people but i love it.

halloween 1,2 H2O all great the others sucked ass.the last halloween with busta rymes in it was probably the worst movie ive ever seen.

AHH so many other to mention but dont have time.




How does 'The Hills Have Eyes' stack up compared to the original?
Now that was a movie with a sense of style.


What about saw and saw 2? Although they could have picked better actors... they're recent, REALLY FUCKED UP, pretty scary, and IMO a great plot. I cant wait for the 3rd to come out.

Other movies out by Rob Zombie are House of 1000 Corpses, and the sequel The Devils Rejects. Both are more disturbing and fucked up than scary, but I guess when you get a "disturbing and fucked up" vibe, you get a "scary" one too.

I personally hated the ring. Didnt see the second, maybe I'll give them a/another shot one day when I'm bored.

28 days later, forgot about that one. This one I liked as well, reminded me of an independant film sort of and I liked the whole idea of survival. Was that an independant film?


Saw 1 was a poor movie with a great ending.

Saw 2 was a pretty good movie with a poor ending. Saw 2 definitely bit off more than it could chew with all that was going on during it. Saw 1 almost worked because, even with all the plot twists, it was still pretty simple. And if such a simply movie can still pull a surprise ending like that, that's pretty cool.


Nothing I disagree with, however, I personally would put Dawn of The Dead before 28 Days Later. The script and dialogue was just written better. Through most of the movie, they weren't just acting like stupid "horror movie victims" and more like people might act in that situation. After seeing Batman Begins and Redeye, I like the lead of 28 Days though. He's a good actor and plays the hell out of every role he's in.

I hope the sequel to The Grudge at least matches the original.


This guy (Franky G) stood out more than anyone else in Saw II. I was expecting more from Donnie Wahlberg. After the Sixth Sense, I thought he would have turned up in tons more roles than he has.


My friend who saw it with me said the new version is way better than the original.

Oh yeah, someone mentioned waiting for the DVD for the extra footage. Keep in mind you're sacrificing the atmosphere of seeing the movie on the big screen. Unless you don't like that, missing the 2 minutes shouldn't be a problem. There's plenty of gore.


The original was better, but I found neither to be the least bit frightening or memorable. "The Audition" is the only horror movie I've seen in a very long time that had any lasting effect on me. That is one disturbing movie. I really need to see more of Takashi Miike's work. "Ichi the Killer" is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.