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The Higher Standard


Ive noticed a trend amongst people whenever they are discussing anything. from war history, to politics, to their personal actions.

They will jump through hoops and bend themselves over backward trying to rationalise actions, justify views, and condense lots of angles into generalisations.

Unfortuanately i dont think you can justify anything off of a generalisation, particularly on a fragment of the whole situation.

When deep down, we all know that the only way to make real PROGRESS is to develop and hold ourselves to higher standards of behaviour. But thats to hard and needs a emotional outlet for the natural anxiety that forms when others don't conform to our standards.

Whether its the nuking of japan, the invasion of the middle east, why someones mean to their ex, or why you dont like a political party. Then we turn around and do exactly the same things. Often to preserve our beliefs that we are nice people, we are just forced to this behaviour by the nasty world.

Im guilty of this myself. But i must admit the best progress ive made with people, and difficult situations is to just not bite and take it like a man - move on.

Id really like peoples thoughts on this. Am i wrong? How do you deal with the stress? is there too much to deal with to take it all? What are the biggest sins of rationalisation...