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The High School/College Football Thread


The 2009 season is coming up! How many people on T-Nation are getting ready for the season. Lets see some stats, goals etc....

40 time: 5.2 (yes I am very sloowwwwwwww)
I wil start on Varsity this year as a junior
Goal: 50 pancakes this year in 9 games. Prev. record: 35 pancakes in 9 games
Position: center


In HS I was 5-6/155 lbs. My bench was 255, Squat 365 and Dl 425. OLB, and Split End. 40 yard was 4.91. Played 1985-89 on a Wing T offensive scheme.

Here's a pic of me at an Alumni game in 2007. Me and 2 other guys were the oldest by about 15 years. Most of the kids were 21 and under. I was 36 and about 178lbs...and slow. That's my original helmet I kept and had it refurbed inside.

I won't do it again, but It was an great experience to go through again.


5.2? Work on that.

How about a goal of winning a championship?


I'm prepairing for my first year as an assistant line coach and strength coach.
Our goals, not to suck.
Taking over a team that was 1-9 last year. There are a few kids who have skills but a lot more who are VERY lazy, 85% of the team has shown up to any off season training. They're gonna get a wake up call when we knock their dicks in the dirt the first day of 2 a days.


The season will be starting before you know it!

I am a HC/OC - played for almost 20 years from age 7 till 27. Still play some flag stuff when I have time.

As a center, I would make my main focus QB/C exchange and taking care of my blocking assignments. The pancakes will come.


I play D-End for now for GHS.


Goal is to win State. It's going to be hard this year. We graduated 20 starters from last year, but we are much more of a team than last year. Personally, I would like to get a sack per game. This is only my third year of playing football ever, but since I have gotten a lot better, I hope that I will get good varsity time.


Weight:175 lbs
40 time: 4.87 seconds
Vertical: 32"

Football Camp Goals:
40 time: 4.75 seconds and -
Vertical: 36 inches and +

I'm a wideout/cornerback, and I'm hoping to start this year at one of those positions. It's pretty tough for me because there's a D1 prospect who has one receiver spot locked up, and we have a lot of good d-backs. This is my senior year and I'd like to make an impact.

Season Goals:
To win State!

We were 6-5 last year, and in the past six years my school has never been out of the top 10 rankings. I'd like for my senior class to lead our team to our first state title in 4 years. Last year, the seniors were a bunch of slacker stoners, but this year we're a lot tighter-knit and much harder working.


York University (Toronto, ON)
My camp goals were to take the starting Centre job, However a knee injury in training (waiting for mri results) and now a slipped disk in my lower back make that less likely right now


I play semi pro football and I play Gaurd, I hope to move to Offensive tackle. My goal is just for my team to win. Last season we went 1-9 and that is not acceptable.

Weight:225 lbs
40 time: ? I'm pretty fast for my size
Vertical: ?

My Goal is to get to 235 solid and punish as many people as possible, but not hurt anyone:) Well accept for #4 on the Head Hunters who completely cheap shotted me last season after the play.

  • Adam


I was gonna play football this year, but pulled groin put and end to that. Anyways these would have been my stats.

Age: 17
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180 <-- not a stable weight, I would have tried to lose 10-15 pounds of FAT.
40 time: 4.8-4.7 <-- after this years track season, I promise its going to be a good 4.6, maybe even 4.5
Vert: idk, if I had to guess i'd say like 31' or something, but thats just a guess.

I wanted to play OLB, and offense receiving TE.


Age: 19
Height: 5'11"
Current Weight: 178 (down from 185)
League Weight: 172 (weight restricted college league)
40 Time: 4.70 on grass
Vertical: 30"

Goal 40 Time: -4.65 on track
Goal Vertical: +33"

Camp Goals: Be top three in all testing categories in camp (bench, squat, vertical, 40, 3 cone) and win a starting RB or WR job.

Season Goals: Win the league. We came in second last year with one league loss in the regular season.


weight restricted college league? never heard of that. what college and league is this?


Age: 20
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 240
Position: Punter
VJ: 32"
40 yd: 5.21 electronic
10 yd: 1.82
Pro Agility: 4.45
Squat: 365
Bench: 281
Clean: 280

Not very fast or strong, but hey I'm a punter, at least I'm big :slight_smile:

I am at a D1 school, but am not starting yet. Will be a sophomore in football this year. Probably won't play until my senior year unless injury or the starter gets in trouble. Tough to be a punter.

My goal is to become a better leader and be ready when I am needed


A 3-6 week injury made you quit?


A league for skinny dudes?


Middle linebacker/ Runningback

Weight: 186
Bf%: 10
Height: 510-511
40: 4.7-4.8
Vert: 32 , possibly more now.

Goal is to fucking crush anyone who wants to get by me.


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 230
40: 5.1
Vertical: 22"

Will be attempting to walk-on at a D1-AA college in the fall for whatever position they'll take me, probably fullback. In high school I played every position on the line finishing as an offensive tackle. The weak stats stem from a full ACL tear my junior year and a partial tear during my senior year.

Goal: Fuck somebody's shit up


It's about the weight limit football.


Good article, a couple facts are off, but it gives a general idea of what sprint football is.

As a brief summary, I play sprint football for Cornell University. There is a league that consists of us, Army, Navy, UPenn, Princeton, Mannsfield, and there has been talk of teams starting up at Michigan and VMI in the future. Here's a brief summary of the rules:

-Rules are the same as normal collegiate football.
-There is a 172 lb weight limit. Players must make two weigh ins (four and two days before the game) in a given week to play.

That's it. As far as a league for skinny dudes goes, there are shorter guys who are pretty solid and players routinely hover around 180-190 in the offseason with reasonable body fat levels. Granted, not huge by any means, but not cross country runners...

The level of competition is obviously not DI, but it should be noted that teams will routinely scrimmage respectable DIII teams and beat them handily.


I can't find any high school pics, but here is one of me in my 2nd year of college. 6'1 around 260ish.

1RM for...

Bench 385
Squat 545
Clean 285
40 yr dash 4.85
vert 24"