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The Hero Handbook


Nate Green's second book, The Hero Handbook, dropped today. He decided to publish The Hero Handbook only as e-book format...and it's completely free!

Go download it here: http://www.thenategreenexperience.com/blog/the-hero-handbook

As Wilford Brimley would say "There's no reason not to"


It's free as in truly, actually free. No email required


^ Well yes you have to sign up for his newsletter. I already downloaded it.


^You can say you dont want emails though! I am a huge fan of Nate's, loved his first book and really enjoy his blog, so I'm stoked this one is free. I hope to see him do a few more T-Nation articles.




More power to Nate, but I'm not buying shit from him.


If he lowers it to $1 will you buy it.... or suffer the same fate as RomeoTheMonk?



as free ebooks go, that was pretty damn good


Why? Did he besmirch you in front of a jury of your peers? Bang your girlfriend? Bang your mom? Both?


Actually you don't, just click the link to the pdf. The way the page is layed out it kinda looks like you have to sign up (almost signed up myself) but you don't.


I can always unsubscribe, I like having informtion. You never know when you could use something like this. Say I have a client that wants to lose weight and get in shape, Bam. Done.


Dude its free?


Page 106 DJHT
See my quote above.
I know the book is free, it's advertising.


Are you insinuating that he's dating his own mother? Incestually grooooosssssss


Technically, there's no such thing as "free" ... everything has a cost, whether it's explicit or implicit or "hidden" ... it's called "opportunity cost." In other words when you download this thing to your computer and read it, the time you took to read it you could've been doing something else that could've been more beneficial to your over all life, that other thing is the "price" or "cost" of the "free" book...


This book also comes with a free lunch.


Not arguing about Nate, personally not what I am trying to accomplish with my lifting life. I am more of a 5-3-1 Wendler guy.

However I have a big family and I have clients that you just never know. I can send them this PDF because it may be more condusive for what they want to obtain.

Its funny you say its advertising. What is this site itself? There are always things to balance in life.