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The Hell?



There's a similar "sport" going on called "hot dogging" involving dogs and pigs.

The people involved state they are "training" the dogs for hunting wild boar, but, like in the video the pigs are set in pens, have at times been chained and are sometimes injured prior to the dogs being unleashed.

The pigs/boars have had their tusks filed down so they don't injure the dogs. Their abilities to defend themselves are greatly diminished.

Now, I'm a hunter (not some left-wing PETA activist) and I'm all for hunting, when it's done for the right reasons (ie; food) but I'll take my game fairly, not like this.

This isn't a sport, it's cruelty.


I've used dogs to hunt hogs down in the river bottoms and have seen similiar things done to train the dogs. I honestly think this video with the bear is horrible, honestly this bear probibly has no teeth, and no claws. Anyone who's ever been around a bear knows what kind of damage they can do, and these dogs wouldn't stand a chance otherwise.



Whatever asshole invented this sport deserves to have the bear, and both dogs let loose on them.

I'm no animal rights activist, but thats cruel. And just plain retarded.


I saw a show on OLN the other night about hunting wild boar with knives in Texas.

I thought it was going to be cool as hell. I have always thought it would be great to kill a charging boar with a spear, but I never quite figured out how to get the pigs to charge.

After the idiot spent time stabbing a moving 3D target (it was tied to ropes and people were moving it) he finally went to do the real thing.

They get a pack of dogs to attack and almost kill the boar and as the dogs hold the boar still the guy walks up and cuts it's throat.

Not very cool at all.


The bear in these competitions have been declawed and deteethed. If you notice how the bear held the dog in his mouth and bit it? If so you noticed the dog had no wounds when he got up. Coming from Texas, I have seen these involving hogs. They have baying competitions where two dogs will corner a hog and get him to stay in one spot for a period of time. Also there are hog catching competions where the dogs catch the hog and pin it or hold it in place. Now these hogs don't have their tusks. When the dogs are taken out to hunt most usually wear a type of vest to protect them from the hog's tusks. A lot of guys around my area lose many dogs to hunting. It is sad.

On another note has anyone seen videos of Rhodesian Ridgebacks hunting lions? If not google it. These dogs are CRAZY HUGE and skillful hunters. I got an e-mail once with a video of one catching a lion by the neck and doing like an alligator death roll with it. Pretty cool!!!


Its called bear bating. It actually dates back, I believe, to mid-evil times. You should be able to find more on google.


bear baiting. Common in medevil times and still practised a lot in asia and parts of eastern europe. We even have badger baiting here in the UK.
That stuff pisses me right off.
You should have put a "some viewers may be offended" their.
Poor bear. And dogs.


Wow that ws hard to watch. Damn. I think I agree with bullpup about the no teeth and claws statement.


Couple of things...

  1. Ridgies arent that big, max out around 65-80 lbs, but they are fast as hell, some say they are the purest of the hound group.

  2. The Bear video is terrible, I hate shit like that. I'm a dog lover, I've raised hunting dogs and have been around them all my life, past posts of mine might reveal that. There is no need for that kind of thing in today's world, especially just for gambling.

  3. We shouldn't be so quick to judge the countries and cultures who participate in these contests between animals. Those types of contests are not far from our own history, especially those of us who are from European decent. Many of the dog breeds that we all enjoy today originated due to contests such as these. Pit-Bulls, Bull-dogs, Staffordshire Terriers, etc, were all bred for bull-baiting back in the day.

I also read somewhere that the aristocratic populations of Brittain and Germany wouldn't buy beef unless the animal had been sufficiently "baited" in order to get the blood rushing through it's body at the time of death.

Sad, man, really sad.


That truly is disgusting!