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The Heisman

I didn’t see a post on this so I guess I’ll start it. What is everyone’s opinion on Carson Palmer stealing the 68th Heisman Trophy this year? Personally, I’m happy to see a PAC-10 player receive the award as we don’t get much national coverage and respect. He finished the season very strong leading the Trojans to the Orange Bowl. If it wasn’t for that damn kicker against WSU they would have won the PAC-10. Those east coast teams don’t have the same pass game as the PAC-10. It’ll be a fun game to watch USC vs. Iowa.

I like the choice. There obviously wasn’t someone who elevated themselves among all other college football players without doubt, but I’m thrilled that he won it. He is obviously insanely talented and clutch as well. I do think he had an advatage in that he had a better stage in which to show his talents, though. For example, with McGahee and Dorsey, they play for Miami, so that makes quantifying their skill more difficult (is it them or the rest of the team that makes them so good?). Larry Johnson didn’t perform well enough against strong teams, and Brad Banks didn’t have a big game to play to showcase himself. A Big 10 title game with Ohio St. would have given him the chance, though. After the dismantling of Notre Dame (I loved that - I only wish they had been undefeated until that point so they could have had their national title hopes derailed), I sincerely thought Palmer deserved it.

Wasn’t the last player from USC to win the Heisman, Marcus Allen back in '80 (or '81)? Wow.

LJ was robbed.

I figured Johnson would win it, but I don’t think you can say he was robbed when he didn’t even win his own regions. Where are the Penn State supporters there?

I have to disagree with Dorsey and McGahee (sp?) not having a chance to showcase their talents. They are an east coast team, had there last 3 games on national or near national television, and they were the #1 team. The argument can be made, they were only good because of their team, but if that is the case I think it just elevates your status even more.

Goes to show, with big games against UCLA and ND, that athletic directors need to schedule their huge games at the end of the year to bring attention to their programs, even if they don’t have a Heisman candidate.

I thought the Heisman was awarded to the best college football player. If so it should have been Palmer or Johnson. Personally, I thought Johnson had the best year out of all the candidates, with Palmer a close second. But Johnson’s subpar performances against Ohio State, Michigan and Iowa cost him.

First of all, CP didn’t steal the freaking Heisman, he earned it. I don’t see how you can say that Larry “choke” Johnson was more deserving of the award than Carson. The man has worked hard to get where he is now, and I can’t think of a single person I’d rather have on my team than him. Plus, for crying out loud, no left coast Heisman since Marcus Allen before I was born? Give me a break. I can also say that this year the voters finally got it right by not making it a career award. Truly, I have suffered through CP’s worst times thinking, “damn, I could do better than that.” It was really going to piss me off if the 38-1 Princess of Miami won for his career stats.

Aside to machine: What are you, some kind of ambiguous PAC-10 fan? What’s this we crap? Who’s your team? Speak out so I can belittle you. Fight on, Trojans.

of course, smearig was on strong psychoactives while thinking he could do better than palmer.

I think Palmer won it more based on the schedule then anything. SC played some very tough teams this year, and Palmer did well. One guy that was kind of forgotten was Brad Banks. The guy had 1 bad quarter all year. Either way, I was not surprised Palmer won it, but I was surprised by how much he won it.

One other thing. I know no one from the Pac-10 has won the Heisman since Allen. Ty Detmer won it back in the day, I consider BYU to be west coast, at least west anyway.

It was '81 when Allen from USC won it. And what I meant by steal the Heisman was that it was mostly due to his excellent performance in the final two games that gave him the national attention, notably the Notre Dame game.

Quaterbacks come and go, but it isn’t often a guy rushes for 2000+ yards, it’s funny every other 2000 yard rusher has won the Heisman, so why not LJ?

jcbart was right - averaging less than 100 yds/game in their four biggest games (and a lot less in 3 out of those 4) hurt LJ. Over 200 per game against mediocre opponents still qualifies him as an awesome running back, but the subpar performances against quality competition didn’t look good. Winning the “big game” is hugely important, and Palmer got credit for doing that towards the end of the season (that whole “what have you done for me lately” thing). But if you think Palmer didn’t deserve it, at least enjoy the fact that there’s a good chance he’ll be playing for the mighty Cincinnati Bengals.

I got yah Machine. On the other poster, not every 2000 yard rusher has won the Heisman. Troy Davis or ISU, in 95 and 96, didn’t win it. Bryon Hanspard, in 96?, didn’t win it. Maybe someone else too?

The Heisman is a crock of sh*t…

In what way is the Heisman a crock of shit? I can think of several, but I would like to know which aspect of it you’re referring to. Although I do think there are a myriad of problems with it, I think it typically covers the top few players in the nation (that have had the ability to display themselves as such) pretty well with the list of finalists.

He won the Heisman for the right reason. For being the best college player for the year of 2002. Strength of schedule, team record, personal records, degree of improvement. Palmer has most of them. To say there isnt any East coast bias is untrue. How are you gonna say that when the last time a west coast cat won it, it was damn near 20 yrs ago.

I don’t think the Heisman covers the top players in football. It covers the top offensive skill positions players on winning teams. No, not all the players invited are from top teams, but that is usually the case. Even that being said, it is hard for a receiver to ever get mention. And it is hard for a mid-major team to get the exposure the top level teams do.

I still think the Heisman is a great award, and usually when people think it is a bunch of shit, it is when their guy doesn’t win. Ty Detmer is from the West Coast, he won it after Allen did.

Kind of like J-dog said. Look at who John Heisman was… would he win the award today? No, he wouldn’t even be close to a finalist for it. The award should be called “Trophyformostmediahyped offensiveQBorRBfromthelargestschools”

Ty Detmer went to BYU. BYU is in Provo, Utah. No one in Utah thinks they live on the West Coast. Certainly no one on the West Coast thinks Utah is on the West Coast.
Marcus Allen was the last Pac 10 player to win the award. Marshall Faulk of SDSU (which IS on the West Coast) SHOULD HAVE one the Heisman, but Gino Toretta(!) of Miami won it instead. Talk about your East Coast bias.