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The Heckman Flush


Has anyone ever done it?

  • whole psyllium husks - cheap as hell when bought in bulk - start w/ 1 teaspoon morning and night. gradually work up to 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 teaspoons. the heckster also says he hits a teaspoon @ night before bed and he drops a nice dukie in the morning - definitely good advice to stay clean and regular
  • activated charcoal - i thought this one was odd, but when the shit and toxins are being let loose, the charcoal helps to absorb them so the end up in the toilet and not your bloodstream. heckman said people who don’t use the charcoal get headaches, etc when that nasty shit releases into your body instead of being expelled. 2 caps morning and night
  • herbal tabs/herbal caps - heckman’s “scrubbing bubbles” as he puts it. these are tough to find IMO. mine were $25 for 275 pills. they should contain the following: senna leaf/extract, licorice root/extract/(whatever), peppermint extract, etc. There are A LOT of things in these pills, and if i had the bottle in front of me, i could be more helpful. i know the senna is big, because that is what the colonix tea is, is senna tea. my herbal tabs had a shitload of stuff, but no senna, so, i bought the tabs and purchased the senna leaf supp for an additional $6. take these 2 in the morning and night, then you can increase to 3 morning and night, then 4 morning and night

that is about it. heckman said his costs about $25 for all that, mine was more like $45, but still a huge savings from the cost of a product like colonix - flush w/ this for 30 days


Does this involve a hose and a hot water bottle?


What is this for?


So, I have been doing this protocol for about a week and WOW does it work. I had been eating in a surplus and my digestion was getting iffy. Bloating after meals, some distention. On day three it was gone.

**I did forgo the charcoal tabs “toxin” build up seemed like crap however, on the morning of day two I did wake up with a slight headache and not soon after I had my first big movement so…maybe?