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The Heart Attack Grill


Here's Your Motivation for the Day

First time I've watched this, it's unreal...



God damn that looks delicious! Someone needs to open one of these in my area.


That was possibly the most disgusting "meal" I've ever seen. Makes me actually enjoy the dieting I'm doing right now....


Oh come on, Court...live a little.

(see what I did there?)


Award winning cinematography at the 3:20 mark. And I'll take a double bypass and fries, hold the cheese whiz.


Lard? Unlimited Fries? 8,000 calories in one meal?!

I'm so not proud to be an American.


Looks good if your in a bulk or a hard gainer looking for some easy cals. But skip the fries and coke. Stick with the beer and nurses :slight_smile:


"A little" being the accurate description.

I dunno, but watching that made it suddenly easier to stick to my "make your weight class" diet.


Praise be.......I have found my "Mecca".


I went on a study abroad trip with that chick in summer 07, and my friend went out with her a couple times. She is fucking nuts! We thought she was on coke or something the entire trip.


Oh dear God above, I must go there before I die. Triple bypass and a cold bottle of coke to go, please.


I'll be in that area in a few weeks. I wonder if you can order a small burger.

Will definitely be going to In-N-Out. Can't resist. At least once or twice the week I'm in Arizona. No fries, just a double with a shake. If I lived in an In-N-Out state it probably wouldn't be a big deal.


This is my new skinny-person training advice...

"Squats and a trip to the heart attack grill".


2 bypasses for me please!


someone mentioned this place before.

All I know is I go there once a week .


If you ran there and back, you might burn off the calories ingested.

I'm the opposite of Court. That is total food porn for me right now.


I know! I see that and only see the greasy goodness of it all.

"I want to go to there."


dont know if its true for all of them but i know the one in phoenix (at 44th and thomas) had to change its name for some reason i think its called the grill next door now


I love you, Liz.


Now Jughead would just move in!