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The Healthiest Person Alive


what a joke


That is retarded. But at least he's advocating exercise and portion control, which many people could benefit from.


I realize you're not saying you actually think he's the healthiest man on earth, but I looked for a comment section and didn't find one there....so I'll just say it here.

Define "healthy". Anybody wanna give it a shot? Vegans? Lesbians? Anybody?


Anyone else feel the desire to clothesline him when he was "running errands"?


Even if starvation lead to a longer life, it isn't one I'd want to live. I'd consider a shorter happier life to be "healthier".

Length of life isn't the only factor when discussing healthy. Quality of that life matters too.


I'll take vegan lesbians for 500$ Nate!


He reminds me of a coked out Mr. Rogers.


Is that the going rate there?


I dunno, maybe I should check on that....


h4m hit the nail on the head, my definition of healthy is probably very different than a marathon runners definition


healthy just means absence of disease. But I think the guy in the video was referring to living as long as possible.


My thought process exactly


No no, you have to pick ONE category. You're doing it wrong dear.


This man is intolerable, and he doesn't seem to be really understanding or comprehending why he is doing these things. He is simply copying "systems", like certain diets etc.

You will find that a most of the "health freaks" or very health conscious people who eat organic whole foods blah blah blah, have garbage posture, gait, strength etc.

I would say health is this:

Good emotional balance, healthy mindset, no mental problems etc.

Good sleep quality, immune function, and hormone levels

Healthy blood levels and organ system function

Great Heart fitness, vo2max etc

Optimal mobility and bone density

Competent strength and strength endurance in the 6 basic movements of the human body (squat, hip extension, push, pull)


It's CNN, the same network that created the term "testosterone poisoning."

They hate actual men and have run so many stupid steroid-scare and "danger of creatine" stories I had to stop watching them.

I am waiting for "Creatine rage" stories from CNN.


This is my biggest annoyance with self-proclaimed healthy people. They usually talk a lot but have no clue what they're talking about. Drives me insane because they think I'm one of them and tell me all sorts of stupidity.


wtf never heard of this...link plz?


I believe this is the working definition in the medical community, but the WHO goes a little further to say it is "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being"... which is a better definition in my mind.

Clearly, in many ways it is a highly individualized concept. But if someone can experience a beneficial change in any of those categories - despite not being clinically "diseased" - I don't feel as though they are as 'healthy' as they can be.


I think the vegan ones go for a discounted rate... Due to their shittier body comp.

This dude sounds like he's advocating semi-starvation for life extension. From what I've read, that may work in mice but there's no evidence to support that it works in humans.

While it may fly in the face of CNN's "testosterone poisoning" idea, I believe that keeping one's T-levels up is the smarter path to a long life, not to mention a more enjoyable one. And no offense to this guy who seems like a cross between Mr. Rogers and Ross from Friends, but he looks like he could use some more testosterone.


Excellent definition. I'd like to define health as "the ability to do what you want and need to do".