The HCG Thread

I was hesitant to make this thread considering I’m not arrogant, a doctor, or an expert. However I have seen through the years people inquiring about HCG over and over, especially for fertility, that I’d make a go-to thread for it that might become stickied.

I believe as a long-time HCG user of eight years I have enough experience with it by doctor’s prescription to comment on it.

Here are my thoughts to start.

  1. People seriously underestimate how much HCG is needed for fertility, for both monotherapy, and in conjunction with TRT.

  2. There is no leydig-cell shutdown from HCG use. Many men have used HCG for years with no such effect.

  3. See a doctor who has expertise in fertility if you’re planning on having children.

  4. I was recommended to start using HCG six months before my first child.

  5. For some, HCG helps boost libido and sexual sensation.


Great initiative OP.

Going on point1; how much HCG is needed for fertitlity and how much is needed as a PCT?

I have PFS (post finasteride syndrome) and the most famous regime is 250 UI EOD but imo it’s a very low dose. What do you suggest?

(PFS thread that made HCG popular: Finally Cured From Post Finasteride Syndrome | Page 150 | Ray Peat Forum )

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Thank you.

I actually don’t have a suggestion. I only say what my doctor prescribed. First, we tried HCG monotherapy at 3,000 IU thrice per week. However, my T went to the 300’s and 400’s and I didn’t feel too good.

So we went back to TRT with HCG for 500 IU twice per week. That didn’t do the job. So we increased it to 1000 IU thrice per week with TRT. After that I had my first child.

I have read people suggesting other drugs to men using low dosages of HCG when fertility challenges might simply be alleviated by using more HCG.

Perhaps at this point, it’s not worth repeating, but I’m compelled to do so: I’m not a doctor and I don’t give advice about this stuff; I simply provide my experience.

For some, yours truly, it does the opposite. IMO it should not be part of a standard protocol outside of fertility use. Just my two cents.


My Story with HCG: Was on TRT for approx 5-6 years, wanted second child. Had been trying, but not long, with no luck and i figured i would need HCG anyway, so i asked my sports doc to prescribe. He wanted me taking 200iu a day equal to 1400iu a week. I didnt argue with him about the schedule, i had always seen it as two to three times a week, so i just did the 200 a day. From everything i read, i saw it would take between 3-6m before i was fertile again, so i just stuck with it. Within 4 months, we were pregnant.

I continue to use HCG, intermittently, mostly for testicular size, and so they dont “suck up” into my body cavity (annoying!). But it does cause some pretty serious acne. Apart from that, i have never felt “bad” from it, in fact, i think it might actually increase my libido a little bit, which who knows, may just be from the increased test. So, finishing up a bottle now, but i think i will probably run it 1-2x a year just to keep the boys from turning into raisins down the line. I honestly lost a little size when starting TRT but they went from golf balls to ping pong balls, so not a huge difference. Current dose, usually 250-400 twice a week, depending how i feel, i usually just play it by ear. But i think 250 a week is the lowest for me for it to give me the effects i want.

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Great idea btw @BrickHead

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Thanks for the post.

HCG did nothing got my testicular atrophy.

What’s weird for me is I’ve never had any atrophy. At least not noticeable.

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My urologist said mine are half normal size.

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Is there any difference between r-HCG and normal HCG?